11 November, 2015

Here Comes Hayes: Weeks 8-16

To pick up where I left off, trick-or-treating went fabulously. The weather turned out perfect, the kids were insanely cute, and anytime I can drink wine with friends and strangers hand over candy, I'm a happy girl. Next year, when the two little stinkers on the left are running around, it'll be a whole new ballgame.
Let me go ahead and put down my fun size Reese's and finally post some of Hayes' weekly pictures. There is a huge gap in updates mainly because we've been moving. Since we bought a new house before selling the old one, and we had to leave it staged for the open house and showings, most of our furnishings stayed behind. Hayes' nursery rug (the backdrop of his weekly photos) being one thing that stayed.
I finally buckled down and gathered together the photos I took before moving:


I didn't have the rug for weeks 11 through 14, and didn't have the time for weeks 14 and 15. So now we jump to baby Hayes at 16 weeks old.

We're still 5 days away from being 4 months old, but here's an update on all things Hayes.
Hayes came down with a mild case of Croup a week ago, so he took a trip to Dr. Jim (our new pedi after the move) and we found out he weighs 13 lbs 12 oz. He's long and pretty lean. Not too many rolls here, but he's definitely filling out!
He's in 3-6 month onesies, tops, and rompers. Pants still run really big on him in the waist so we size down and let them be short. I don't think he minds. Right now we wear a lot of Old Navy and GAP. I like that they have sales ALL the time.
Hayes still eats every 3 hours, but since I'm away at work for the 9am, 12pm, and 3pm meals, he gets 5-6 ounces of formula and/or whatever I've pumped the day before at work. I nurse at the 6pm, 9pm and 6am meals. I've been pretty bad about pumping at work when I get busy, and I'm noticing my milk supply lowering, but I'm okay with it. I won't stress about it because I'm proud I've made it this far breastfeeding at all.
We just made the jump to size 2. We've been bouncing between brands but I like Pampers and the Target brand best. Lately his diapers have been leaking during the night so we're using diaper liners that seem to be helping a little. They are literally like maxi pads that you stick in the diaper. Genius!
I've been told to try Pampers Baby Dry, so those are next after we finish this economy size of Huggies.
He has slept through the night since very early on (I think it was 3 weeks old?). It's been magical. He took the hardest part of having a newborn out of the equation. Now, at just shy of 4 months, he has started waking up once or twice during the night to eat or because he has leaked out of his diaper, and mama is not happy about it. Right now we're trying to feed him a little more at each meal, especially at 9pm, which might, ironically, be the cause of the leaking. Sheesh.
Also, it should be noted that we still swaddle him and use a white noise sound machine. I'm sure we'll still be doing this when he goes off to college.

Edit: Well, I definitely posted this entry rather than saving it as a draft. Hence, the reason it ended so ubruptly. But I need to wrap it up anyway so I'll just say that life is sweet with our almost 4 month old Hayes Marshall. Next, I'll update you on the house! Yay!

30 October, 2015

Have a Beary Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, y'all!
We've been having a blast celebrating our first Halloween as parents. I'm pretending it's all about Hayes, but really, I'm having all the fun!
We went to the Halloween carnival at the local Methodist church this week to show off our little bear.

I couldn't believe how many people thought he was either a real life puppy or a stuffed animal.

Talk about Super Dad.
Explanation: it's Red Ribbon week at school and it was "Save Yourself from Drugs"/superhero day... hence the cape.
He had a blast! (At least I think he did. Who knows? He's a baby.)
That face. It just kills me!
I'll post again after the official Halloween festivities tomorrow night. Let's pray for clear skies and NO rain!

23 September, 2015

Happy First Day of Fall

 Now that it's Fall, the weekends seem to get busier and busier. There's always something to do and really not enough hours in the day. Here is just a tiny bit of what we've been up to lately...
Trying out new-ish restaurants like Barnlight Eatery here in McKinney. The restaurant itself is soooo cute and rustic, and the food is even better! It's gourmet southern comfort and I really enjoyed it.

I loved the wall of hanging vintage window panes.
Here's that yummy food. We started with yummy drinks (from their full bar) and the chips ad queso. I had the chicken salad sandwich on a croissant with herb fries and Justin had a pulled pork sandwich with the house made potato chips.

 On the way out, we, of course, had to stop at the Barnlight Bakery. I had a fudge brownie and it was HEAVEN.

Justin and his dad have been brewing beer. Lots and lots of it. He started brewing a gallon at a time, quickly moved on to bottling small batches...then large batches...then graduated to kegging it! That's what they're doing in the picture above.
We went to the annual St. Ann's Catholic Church carnival in Coppell where we play BINGO every year. This year I won!! I was almost involved in a church brawl over it (I totally yelled BINGO! in time, lady!) but I still won!


Jeannette and I now have a tradition of visiting the petting zoo and smothering the cute baby animals with love. We have a particular affinity for the baby goats. P.S. You're not allowed to pick them up no matter how many years in a row you try it. :(
We also attempted attended Grapevine's Grapefest with two infants (who were mistaken for twins all night and got a ton of attention from strangers). I won't lie, it was a physically exhausting night full of firsts. I actually baby-wore my child into a port-a-potty. *cringe*
But mainly we've just been spending a lot of time with this little stinker! He's the love of our lives and we are absolutely obsessed with him. He's smiling, cooing, and now loves to hold his hands together like he's plotting something. It's the cutest thing.
On his two month birthday he officially moved out of mom and dad's room and into his own crib, where he has successfully spent every night since (minus the first night when I panicked and brought him back to our room just a couple hours in). He has slept through the night pretty much right from the beginning and moving to his own crib in his own room hasn't changed anything. I ask myself everyday how we got so lucky with this sweet little easy baby.
The last thing that we've been preoccupied with is something I've been teasing for a little while and I'm finally ready to spill the beans. We're moving! We closed on our new home earlier this month and we're going to start fixing it up next week.
5 years after purchasing our current house, we've decided it's time to move on. We're excited for this new adventure and can't wait to share all of the projects we have planned for our new (to us) house!
So that's some of what we've been doing lately. Life is crazy and busy but I wouldn't have it any other way. Bring it on, Fall!

13 September, 2015

Labor Day Weekend Wrap Up

I have a crying baby, laundry in the wash, a dog needing to be let out, errands to run, and a shower to be taken... so I have no choice but to keep this short and sweet.
Last weekend was a glorious 3 day weekend to celebrate Labor Day. We stayed pretty busy and brought little man along.
We watched a jazz band at Watters Creek...

... and cousin Grayson, Uncle J and Auntie Ashley joined us!
We finally went to the much anticipated Nebraska Furniture Mart. We ended up ordering a new sectional for our living room. It's suuuuper comfy.

Hayes doesn't remember it.

We got delicious drinks at a coffee shop on wheels. Best iced chai tea latte ever.

My aunts and granny drove in from East Texas to meet baby Hayes so we all went to lunch in downtown McKinney. Spoons was a perfect Labor Day lunch spot.

Hayes doesn't remember this either.

Then we headed to Justin's parents' house for some family swim time. The boys loved it. They were so good and didn't fuss at all! And the babies did good too ;) Badum ching!

We wrapped it up with some patriotic "homemade" cherry pie. Homemade, meaning I opened the can of cherry filling and unrolled the premade pie crust... at home.
And that's about it! It was a busy but fun weekend spent with family and we loved every minute of it.

08 September, 2015

Here Comes Hayes: 6 and 7 Weeks

I'll keep it short and sweet this week. Here's my sweet baby Hayes at 6 weeks old.

And again at 7 weeks old. Oh gosh I just love him so much.
How cute are those jams? They have little foxes on them. I die. I also may or may not have picked up another pair yesterday in the next size up so that he can wear them longer.
One thing I've noticed Hayes is doing this week is grabbing at things and even putting things in his mouth. It's so fun watching him figure out how his little hands work. Can you believe in only 2 more weeks this little munchkin will be a full 2 months old?
Speaking of 2 month olds... our sweet chunk-a-munk nephew, Grayson "Baby G, G-Man, G Money" is 2 months old today! I swear I was just holding him in the hospital!
Whyyyyy is time flying so fast??? Please stop! Pretty please?

30 August, 2015

Our Nursery is Famous!

I'm on cloud nine right now. Inspired By This blog has featured our nursery on their website today, all thanks to our amazing photographer, Stephanie Rose. She took our labor of love and really captured it beautifully.

They gave us some of the sweetest compliments, which means so much to me considering the amazing designs they see everyday. They also quoted me as I described my inspiration and some of my sources.

I never imagined in a million years that when we started planning this nursery that anyone but Justin, Hayes and I would appreciate the finished result.

Just in case, I'll leave you with a more comprehensive source list:

Wall Art: Anderson Design Goup
Salt Rock Lamp: HomeGoods
Dresser: IKEA
Changing Pad: Land of Nod
Floor Lamp: IKEA
Rocker: Giggle
Rug: Rugs USA
Crib: Fisher Price
Crib Sheet: Little Necessities
Shelves: IKEA
Suitcases: Vintage
Ottoman: David Bromstad for Grandin Road
Sunburst Mirror: DIY inspired by this tutorial from Ruffled Blog

24 August, 2015

Saturday Night Live... Music!

After our first week back to work since little man was born, Justin and I decided we'd head out for a little Saturday night family outing. While we're pretty comfortable bringing our 5 week old out in public, we still needed to find something fairly easy for us to do since we're still new at this. I remembered one of our local outdoor shopping malls had restaurant patios that look out onto a lawn where they have a weekly concert series. Bingo.
Mama needed a sangria.

We picked a noisy pizzeria... perrrrfect for a crying baby. Yeah, we were those people I said I'd never be. But it really was so noisy, especially when the band started playing, that no one noticed our child wailing. Plus, the good thing about going out in the 'burbs is everyone had at least 1 baby/toddler/kid at their table. I felt like they knew the struggle.


Couldn't leave without a cannoli!

The sun started setting and it suddenly wasn't scorching hot anymore so we moved our party onto the lawn after dessert.

Hayes did so well! He practiced rolling over and kicked his legs to the music. By the way, the band was called Cover Down and they were great! They played classic party hits and top 40 that had Justin and I singing out loud.


Just jammin'.

This was the awesome view while we were leaving. The bright light in the middle is the stage. And the green tube to the right of it is a slide! I can't wait to go down it for Hayes to be big enough to go down it! ;)
We had so much fun, we're going again in a couple weeks! :)


22 August, 2015

Here Comes Hayes: 5 Weeks

This guy is 5 weeks old (plus 2 days since I'm late to post). Getting him to smile these days is not a difficult task. Even better, some of these smiles are accompanied by a sweet little "aaah" sound and it melts my heart! 

At his one month appointment Dr. Dollins determined that he's 22 1/4 inches long (89th percentile), 9 pounds 13 ounces (44rd percentile), and his head measured at 15 inches (81st percentile). As expected from our 20 week ultrasound measurements, he's tall, skinny, and has a big head.

His legs are incredibly strong and he kicks... Like, a LOT. While eating, while sleeping, during tummy time, and basically anytime he's being held. He rolled over from belly to back twice this week. I didn't know if it was a fluke or not, but if he gets his head and arm in just the right position, he can definitely do it!

Justin and I both went back to work this week and while it's been hard on us both to be away from Hayes, he's been staying with my mom some days and Justin's mom on the others. They both love him so much and take such good care of him, it really makes the transition a lot easier to handle emotionally.

Without going into too many details, I'll be honest: the real challenge is in the pumping at work. It's awkward and uncomfortable and as small of a staff as we have, everyone knows what I'm doing when I disappear from my office or when I lock them all out of the bathroom. I guess it just comes with the territory. Sorry, work friends.

Last week I mentioned I'd have some big things happening soon and I'm really close to sharing what it is. Don't want to count my chickens before they've hatched, ya know? Let's just say I'm SO excited that I almost can't stand it. Hence, the reason I'm teasing it right now.

Next time, I'm blogging about our first night out as a little family of three!

16 August, 2015

Here Comes Hayes: 4 Week Update

Hayes is 4 weeks old as of last Thursday! He's growing like CRAZY and on the verge of moving up a size in clothes and diapers. His newborn onesies are pulled super tight length wise, but 0-3 month onesies are a little loose everywhere else. We have his 1 month check up with Dr. Dollins next Wednesday, so we'll find out for sure how much he has grown!

He's given us a lot more smiles this week, although they're pretty random. He's also starting to make little cooing sounds, but they are few and far between right now. On Friday we asked him several times if he was ready to hang out with Gigi (my mom, who watched him while Justin and I went out on a dinner/movie date) and he smiled each time so I'm convinced he knew what we were saying.

Justin was so excited for Hayes' first Cowboys game. He kept him up late and gave him commentary through the first quarter. I think it's safe to say that the Dallas Cowboys have a new fan... I mean, check out that intense concentration!

Also, this is the Halo SleepSack Swaddle that the hospital gave us, and it's the best thing EVER. He knows it's bedtime when the swaddle goes on and the Velcro keeps it tight enough so that he doesn't get loose and wake himself up at night. 

He still loves his play mat, but he's still not a huge fan of tummy time on it. He much prefers to be tummy down laying on my chest and I have no problem with that whatsoever. Gosh, I'll miss his cuddles when I go back to work on Monday.

Last weekend we ventured out to Ten 50 BBQ, which we've been wanting to try for months. It was so good, we will definitely be back for more.

They serve a huge variety of local craft beer, so Justin was a fan from the get go. Parenting at it's finest, folks. ;)

On Saturday, the Dunaways got together so Justin and Jarrett's Uncle Joe and Aunt Debbie could meet the babies. We didn't get a group picture, but we did snap our now traditional baby group picture.

From left to right: 2 months pregnant, 8 months pregnant, babies are a month old!

Now that my maternity leave is coming to an end, I'm sure my blogging will naturally take a back seat to everything else going on. However, we have so much exciting stuff coming our way, that I really hope I can continue to find time to share it all with you.

Stay tuned!
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