29 March, 2017

More of Poppy's Nursery Progress

As promised, I'm trying to document the progression of baby girl's nursery. It's a lot harder than I thought it would be to photograph every step, especially since it's a lot of trial and error. I've also hit a bunch of design mental blocks and have had to call on the help of friends and family at times.

I decided to go ahead and move Hayes' rocker out of his room and into Poppy's. He tried to stop me, but I convinced him that the teepee would be MUCH cooler in it's place. He really likes reading in the rocking chair, so I guess we'll be climbing in the teepee for his bedtime story from now on.

I love how his gold teepee looks in his room.

Now, we haven't hung much on Poppy's walls, because I'm still collecting things, so everything is pretty much leaning against the wall temporarily. I like grouping things together to see how they look as a whole collection.

By the way, I just noticed this rocker is on sale right now, so if you want one, I'd jump on it!

Here are more views of the room in it's current state. Notice everything on the floor and dresser waiting for me to find them homes.

This is a terrible picture of her name sign because the calligraphy is in metallic gold and the sun was shining through the window behind me. I promise it says "Poppy Monroe".

This is my view of her room when I peek through the door. Which I do a lot. Like, hourly. I just can't believe we're going to have 2 kiddos in our home. Two babies, really. I probably won't believe it until I see it!

So that's it for now. One of the design blocks I've run into is that I really think the wall behind the crib needs some flavor. I've debated wallpaper, stenciling, and other ideas. As of right now, I've ordered a stencil to create a wallpaper look but haven't settled on a color. I chose a stencil because the wall is slightly textured and it would be the easiest for me to DIY. I'm not 100% sure I can pull it off, so stay tuned.

27 March, 2017

Babies, Baby Bumps, and Brews

What's better than being 24 weeks pregnant and visiting a brewery? Being 24 weeks pregnant and bringing your 20 month old to a brewery! Sarcasm aside, it really was a fun little family outing to Cobra Brewing Company.

You might have picked up already that my family likes beer. Brewing it, drinking it, taking tours... anything involving malt, yeast and hops, we're there. We decided to check this brewery out in particular because it's local and Justin and I are hosting a couples baby shower here for our friends in a couple weeks. I had scoped it out online, but I wanted to see it in person before the event.

Here's that 24 week belly last Saturday. I started wearing my old maternity dresses a couple weeks ago and I'm probably not turning back. It's probably dress city for me until July.

Hayes actually had a blast and this particular brewery is very kid friendly. There was a little basketball hoop, wide open spaces for him to run around, and dogs are welcome so he loved petting them all/feeding them goldfish crackers. He also made friends with a couple other babies and quite a few adults too. My little social butterfly.

Here's a good one of 3 generations of Dunaway men. Justin, Hayes, and Papa Dunaway.
Fun fact: This our 10th brewery to tour and our 3rd with Hayes is tow (4th if you count when he was in my belly).
I can't wait to host our friends here in a couple weeks. If this trip was any indicator, I know it's going to be a really good time.

26 March, 2017

A Tribute to Mr. Fox

I'm sad to say we lost a cherished part of our household today. Like, literally lost. Dropped it. Can't find it. So long. Sayonara.

"Mr. Fox", Hayes' monogramed lovey that was given to him by his Aunt Jessi, mysteriously disappeared today at the mall while we were shopping. It doesn't usually come on errands with us, but I was desperate for him to behave while we were out, so I let him take it as insurance.

Lesson learned.

Mr. Fox (and his pacifier... ugh) have been instrumental in our bedtime routine being so consistent and easy. He knows that when it's time to wind down, we let him go get his fox and paci. It always works and he soon calms down and goes to bed without a fuss. Now I'm not just heartbroken that he lost his dear friend, I'm a little nervous about bedtime tonight. It just won't be the same!

Here's to hoping for a smooth transition to sleeping without a lovey and the beginning of weaning off of the pacifier too!

"Mr. Fox" AKA "Fox" AKA "Ni-night", you will be missed.

04 March, 2017

Poppy's Nursery Inspiration + Progress

If you remember, I once upon a time shared my inspiration for Hayes’ nursery before he was born.

Here was my mood board from back in 2015.

Here is the actual nursery.

Here is the nursery now since moving.

Now, here is my mood board for Poppy-girl’s nursery. I call it Botanical Boho and it’s inspired by macramé and Rifle Paper Co.’s Rosa Floral fabric. I want it to be bright and airy, with raw wood details. My main color scheme will be green, peach, rust, and a little mustard yellow.

Dresser, Crib, floor poufs, spice rack shelves: IKEA | Rocker: Giggle | Rug: Magnolia | Name Sign: Etsy | Macrame Wall Hanging: Etsy | Light Fixture: Amazon | Fabric (crib sheet): Etsy | Paint: Sherwin Williams Cosmetic Peach, Peppery, and Surf Green

I’m too tired for a lot of DIY this time around, but I’ll see what I can muster up the energy for.

So far, we’ve taken the room from Sherwin Williams Functional Gray to Sherwin Williams Pure White, a personal all-time favorite of mine. We’ve also purchased a rug, this one from Magnolia. It’s SO soft. She’s going to love crawling on it! If you’ve seen my stories on Instagram, you’ll know Hayes already loves it too.

Poppy’s nursery is his favorite room in the house right now because for so long, we wouldn’t allow him in it because it was SO full on stored junk and mom’s craft supplies. Now, the door is usually open because it’s completely empty and PERFECT for running around in like a crazy animal.

I’ll be sure to update soon after we make a little more progress!
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