29 June, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up: Trinity Groves

Living out in the suburbs, and not to mention being 8.5 months pregnant, we don't get a chance to explore the city much anymore. However, this weekend, I made it my mission to finally check out Trinity Groves and the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge.

Why yes, it does look like I'm smuggling a bowling ball in my overalls.

It was worth the swollen feet and sciatica pain to visit this area. It's so neat! I seriously can't wait to go back.

We decided to eat at LUCK (Local Urban Craft Kitchen) and it didn't disappoint! We started with a beer flight that included donuts that compliment each craft beer. Of course, I didn't get to enjoy the beer, but that didn't stop me from trying the donuts!


I'm also in love with this cute little cake shop, Cake Bar. You've got to be quick, because certain flavors sell out fast!

With it being so hot out, I opted for a blueberry basil ice cream and a couple pieces of chocolate from Kate Weiser Chocolate. I've never seen so many gorgeous desserts. It was really hard to choose!

Trinity Groves is the home of Four Corners Brewing Company so we stopped in for a beer. Am I a good wife, or what? Haha.

You can't tell, but he hates when I make him stop and pose for a picture. He's such a good sport!

If you're not following Justin on Instagram, you probably wouldn't have realized he has a newly developing passion for craft beer. This new hobby of his brings us to a lot of breweries. Yes, even when I can't partake! Flashback to a couple weeks ago when we spent the afternoon at Tupps Brewery here in McKinney.

Clearly having a blast. This is my "8 months pregnant at a brewery" face.

Same hat. Different breweries.
Back to Trinity Groves... 
There's definitely something BIG in this photo... ME!

That about sums up our adventure at Trinity Groves. A big thank you to my in-laws for taking us and showing us around. I already cannot wait to go back!

23 June, 2015

Throwback... Tuesday?: 20 Week Anatomy Scan

I completely spaced and forgot to blog about our 20 week ultrasound. It went smooth and we found out what we already knew: he's definitely a HE and he's perfect!
He had the cutest little profile and kept yawning and gulping. His mouth was even wide open in one shot, so we know he's a big mouth like his momma!



He was being shy, but the ultrasound tech finally got him to reveal his boy parts to us.

I'm obviously biased, but isn't that the cutest foot you've ever seen? Haha.

It's hard to believe this was already 17 weeks ago and we'll be meeting him in the next 3 weeks! Eeeek!

16 June, 2015

Nursery Update: The *ALMOST* Finished Product

Six weeks ago, we had the opportunity to take maternity photos with the ultra talented, Stephanie Rose Photography. She was able to get some great shots of my 30 week baby bump, which I'll share later (unless we're Facebook friends, then you've probably seen them). She also grabbed some great pictures of our nursery... that is, our nursery BEFORE we filled it with boxes of diapers, a stroller, rocker, sound machine, etc. So as shiny and new as it appears in the photos, I assure you, it's much more cluttered now and it will probably never return to such pristine condition ever again!

Side note: I don't plan on keeping the stack of suitcases in this room, I just needed to fill some space. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect end table. Any suggestions?

Well anyways, sorry in advance for the amount of photos, but here we go!

I can't wait to change our little man's diapers on that table and rock him to sleep in that chair. Creating this nursery has been so much fun, but I'm SO ready to meet Mr. Hayes!

Edit: I've been asked a handful of times what the paint colors are that we used in his nursery. The walls are a custom Sherwin Williams mix of 50% Intellectual Gray and 50% Amazing Gray. The dresser drawers are Valspar Oatlands Spring Kiss.

08 June, 2015

Bump Day - 34 Weeks

Week 34 - Baby is the size of a SPAGHETTI SQUASH 

He's approximately 17-18 inches long and weighing somewhere around 5 pounds. He's moving like crazy and switching positions on me daily. Most days the "kicks" are a couple inches above my belly button or in my right ribs. It's not as cute as it was 6 weeks ago, but so much cooler since he now feels like a real baby squirming around in there.

Last week at my 34 week check up, I measured "a little small" and had not gained any weight since my 32 week appointment. Usually I would looove to hear this news, but not so much during pregnancy, and when little man should be packing on 1/2 pound a week. So yay for another ultrasound next week (I say this slightly with sarcasm because I wish everything was perfect and we didn't need one, but I'm also sort of thrilled to see him again). 

The doctor's guesses are that he was just in a weird position that caused me to measure a certain way, or that he could just be a small baby. I think he's a late bloomer like his daddy and he's going to have a huge growth spurt now. So those are what we're crossing our fingers and toes for!

After reading back over my blog entries, I realized I never blogged about our 20 week check up and ultrasound. So later this week I'll make sure I do that!

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