12 December, 2014

It's Fall, Y'all! WRAP-UP

Even though I'm a huge failure at blogging, I'm determined to share the fun things we've done the past couple of months. Get ready, because it was a whirlwind! Can anyone else not believe Christmas is in less than 2 weeks? Whaaaat?

First, let's start with how we surprised our friend, Ryne, on his 30th birthday at Revolver Brewery in Grandbury, TX. It happened to fall on the brewery's 2nd anniversary.


It was the first unexpected cold day of the year, so that's why we're all probably a little underdressed. Haha. The beer sure warmed us up! Mmm... Mullet Cutter...

They had an awesome yard to hang out in, complete with a live band, cornhole and fire pits.


We had a blast!! Can't wait to go back!

We celebrated our friend JD's 31st birthday with a camouflage themed party. Getting the guys to take a picture together is like hearding cats, so you'll have to trust me when I say they looked awesome in their camo gear. Justin excluded. Not being a hunter himself, chose to wear the always fashionable "Oh Deer Trophy Headpiece." The saddest part is that I didn't get a photo of it.

Sorry, for the poor picture quality. It's so dark, but I promise we're all in camo.

Here's a stock photo from Party City. You can use your imagination.
We also hosted a large group for Friendsgiving this year. I had fully intended it to take place in the backyard at one long table with twinkly lights hanging above. But again, freezing temperatures kept us indoors. Very tightly packed indoors.

How many mismatched chairs can we fit in our living room? The answer is 20.

 It was a potluck and everyone brought their favorite Thanksgiving dish while Justin and I (haha just kidding. Not me) cooked the turkey and ham. It could NOT have turned out better. We had the most amazing food and desserts. Thank you everyone who came, it meant a lot!

Side note: Justin and I teamed together and made the tables! We made the legs out of sawhorses and the tops are doors from Home Depot that I stained a dark ebony color. I was impressed at their durability!

Next we celebrated the day that our dear friend, Jessi, brought Mr. William Brooks into the world. It's just amazing to think that a whole year has passed by and even more amazing to see how much he has grown in that time. He's not only walking, but he's RUNNING, and he's as tough as kids twice his size!


He dominated that bounce house.

Finally, and most recently, we attended our friends Matt and Meredith's couples shower. They are such a cute couple and I'm so excited for them to get hitched!
Anytime this group gets together, you can expect a good time!
And can we also note our precious hosts, Paige & Kyle, and their excellent decorating style. That cowhide rug and wing back chairs are killer!!
Please note that a ton of other stuff happened in between all these photos, but at this point, with Christmas just around the corner, I just need to get caught up so I can move on.

12 October, 2014

It's Fall, Y'all! #2: State Fair of Texas

Here I go with my 2nd "It's Fall, Y'all!" Challenge post. If you don't know, my friends Jeannette, Layci and I are challenging each other to get in the spirit of the season and blog about 30 different Fall activities we've participated in. 

One sure sign that Fall is here... the State Fair of Texas! Nothing beats insane amounts of fried food (always including, but definitely not limited to, a Fletcher's Corny Dog), games and rides!

This year was a little different than most because we decided to go on Senior Citizen day. We thought it might be the quietest day of the week and we might have the park to ourselves. We were right... at first. Suddenly around noon, it was a zoo! Basically anyone age 60 and older got in free so it was really crowded with extra large nursing home groups. It started to get really warm out and the lines got crazy long so we decided to skip a lot of our normal stops (petting zoo, dog show/pig races, Food & Fiber Pavilion, rides at Midway).

But the trip was not in vain. Some things we DID get to experience at the fair:

The Iconic (New) Big Tex

The "BIG" letters

Justin's Turn!

2014 Big Tex Award Finalists: Fried Loaded Baked Potato, Fried Gulf Shrimp BoilDeep Fried Texas Bluebonnet. The Shrimp Boil was my favorite!
Original State Fair Brew – Funnel Cake Ale... complete with a powder sugar rimmed cup

We bought the beer in the cutest little restaurant inside the Auto Show.

I was obsessed with these walls. Excuse the bad cell phone pictures/lighting.

What can I say? It's Texas.

This guy blows my mind EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR.

Another tradition: playing scratchers until we lose.

Another highlight was seeing the "Apparently" Kid, Noah Ritter and inadvertently following him everywhere. Record Ellen this week. I'm sure we'll be lurking in the background somewhere.
That pretty much summed up Justin and I's fair day. Next on our agenda was celebrating our good friend's dirty thirty at a local brewery. More weekend wrap up coming soon!

01 October, 2014

The "It's Fall Y'all!" Challenge #1

I've been just about the worst blogger ever. I don't think I should even get to hold the title of "blogger" since the very definition of the word is something I can't seem to do on a regular basis! So to give myself a kick in the rear, I've joined forces with Layci of Becoming Mrs. Shannon and Jeannette of J and JD in the "It's Fall, Y'all!" Challenge.
Just in case you're not familiar with these ladies, here are their cute faces:
The "It's Fall Y'all" Challenge (yes, we're Southern ladies!) is a challenge to post 30 Fall related blog entries between October 1st and December 1st. They can include meals, crafts, home décor, activities, outfits, etc. Basically, get ready for an OVERLOAD of Autumn obsessing.
The first thing I did to ring in the month of October was grab some plastic pumpkins from Walmart. At $5 each, I thought it was a steal, considering they won't go bad like real pumpkins. I also grabbed one at Michael's when I noticed it was 60% off. The painted on orange colors looked a little too fake to me so I decided to give them a facelift.
I taped off the stems with painter's tape.
Then went to town with spray paint (my trusty sidekick).
For one pumpkin, I painted the top half white, let it dry, taped a line around the middle, and sprayed the bottom half gold. Did I mention that I LOVE gold?
I actually forgot to snap a photo of the gold painting process, so here's a photo of Goldmember expressing my feelings towards the color gold.
After I let them dry for a while, the fun really began!
For another pumpkin, I used a paint dabber and some gold (of course) acrylic paint to make polka dots.
And for my favorite, I dry brushed black acrylic paint in a sort of ikat pattern. Not perfect, but it works for me!
 Overall, I'm happy with how they turned out! Here's how they're currently sitting on our porch.
If you happen to be reading along and feel the urge to blog about your Fall themed activities, please join our "It's Fall Y'all" Challenge and post your link below. I'd love some inspiration for my next project or for a yummy pumpkin based recipe.

07 September, 2014

Quick Project: Spray Painted Magnets

It's a gloomy Sunday morning and I felt like I needed a quick project to get the day going. I purchased some alphabet magnets from Target weeks ago, but they sat around ignored until now.

Colorful alphabet magnets....


Plus gold spray paint...

Equals big fun for the fridge!

Gold spray paint makes EVERYTHING better. 

27 August, 2014

Wine Not a Wine Night?

Saturday morning we had plans with another couple to tour a local brewery. Justin and I had been before a few years back, but we were psyched to go again and bring our newbie friends. I mean, what's better than cheap craft beer and a good time?

Being in the middle of a kitchen renovation, we have been at the mercy of our tile, granite, and paint guys. So when they said they needed to come back to do some work on Saturday morning, the brewery took the back seat. Yeah yeah, we're bad friends. But to make up for it, we decided to have them over for a laid back wine tasting night.

I bought 4 bottles of decently priced (hey, I'm not made of money here) wine that I had never tried before and several snacks and appetizers that coordinated with each.

Justin had some black butcher paper from his school that I used as a tablecloth. I used a white colored pencil to label each appetizer and which wine it paired with. This idea is all over Pinterest, so I can't really take any credit for it.

It was so much fun, and something I would definitely do again. We're thinking of trying it with different beer next time to switch it up.

Some of the snacks were still being prepped when I snapped these photos. Hence the sad dry crostinis on the top left.

Oh, and by the way! I've fixed the comments so now anyone can comment, not just those with an account.

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25 August, 2014

Kitchen Chronicles: Primed

I don't think I've ever been do excited about primer! Since we're having our cabinets painted white, the primer gave us an idea of what the finished product would look like and it has already made SUCH a difference. Brightening up the kitchen really opened up our entire space.

New cement board went in over our damaged drywall.

Next up: the countertops get the boot!
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