10 July, 2015

Easy Hospital Door Wreath

Earlier in our pregnancy, Justin and I DIYed a lot of Hayes' nursery, but as I've gotten closer to my due date, I've adopted more of a "I'm tired. I'll just buy it on Etsy" attitude.  However, a few weeks ago I decided that, since I didn't already have a wreath for our hospital door, I'd take this opportunity to do a little quick crafting.

First I used this video to learn how to make those awesome fluffy burlap wreaths I always see people make. I never knew how it was done, but then again, I didn't really have an interest in learning until now. It was so simple- I'll definitely be using this method again!


As you can see, I didn't buy enough burlap to cover the large metal wreath frame I purchased. No worries, though, because the little wooden plaque I painted covers just the right amount of space. No one, except those reading this, would be any the wiser.
I chose a thin MDF wood plaque and letters because I knew I'd be hot gluing them directly to the burlap and I didn't want them to be too heavy.

I really dig black and white stripes so I had to include them here. I just looped the ribbon through random spaces on the metal frame and twisted as I went along.

It's hard to read, but I included blank spaces to write in his birth date, time, weight and length. In just a few days we'll be filling in those blanks and showing off this super simple wreath!

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