13 July, 2018

H & P Farmers Market Birthday Party

Last weekend we celebrated big with a joint birthday party for both kiddos. We called it "H & P Farmers Market". Poppy turned 1 on July 7th and Hayes turns 3 on July 16th. I love that their birthdays are so close, especially in the early years when I can combine their celebrations.

I knew I wanted a few things incorporated into their party: gender neutral colors, buffalo check (it's totally my thing right now), and a petting zoo.

Our local farmers market occasionally has a petting zoo, so I got my inspiration there! We would visit most Saturdays and get ideas from the local vendors that would be set up. 

Hayes' cute vegetable tee is from Nature Supply Co. You may have known them as Magnolia Roots? Anyway, you can find it here.

His shorts are from Claude and Jane and I love them! He needs 5 more pairs, I swear.

Poppy's sweet outfit was made at the very last minute because I am a master procrastinator. Luckily, the shop owner is local and worked with me to get it to me pronto.

Soooo I also might have a thing for eucalyptus too. Give me alllll the buffalo check and eucalyptus please.

We had "freshly picked" chocolate strawberry cupcakes while the kids demolished store bought smash cakes.

Poppy wasn't so sure about smashing the cake. She was more into eating the strawberries... stem and all. This girl will eat ANYTHING.

I made the candles from a beeswax candle kit. You can find it here. Since I already had the kit from last Winter, it only took me about 5 minutes to make all 4 candles.

I also made the "one" banner hanging from her high chair. I used pre-made canvas banners I found at a craft store, similar to these.

The cake topper is from Etsy. You can find it here.

All the big kids wanted in on the smash cake action, so we encouraged them to dig in with Hayes. They really went for it and it was hilarious!!

We wrapped up the party with some swimming (er... floating, in Poppy's case) and some "shopping" at the mini farmers market stand we set up. I will eventually post more pictures of the party when I get them. 

My biggest piece of advice for anyone throwing a children's party: if you really want photos to document the big day, designate a friend to use your camera or phone so that you get the shots you want. 

If I had trusted myself to take photos of the party, I probably wouldn't have been able to enjoy the day and be in the moment with my babies.

20 June, 2018

Dunaway House: Landscaping Progress

I would call this post our Before & After post, but there's still so much left to be done. So here's a little before and after our exterior paint job.

I think it was beautiful just the way it was, but the crisp white paint just gives it a clean, classic feel. Especially with those American flags waving proudly!



We used Sherwin Williams Shoji White for the brick, gutters & siding. Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black was used to freshen up the shutters, doors & garage.

The great debate was whether to do the gutters black or white. Ultimately I won after convincing Justin that the shutters added enough contrast. I think he's happy with our decision.

Now onto the side yard. This is an area that makes for a second backyard for the kids to play in since our real backyard is mostly pool. The problem was that this side yard's ground was covered in crushed granite and made it really hard for a baby and a toddler to run/crawl around. Not to mention the amount of dirt and dust we would all track into the house after playing out there! No thanks!

Justin and I did the first part of this project: shoveling out the crushed granite & pulling up the weed barrier that was covering the entire yard. That was extremely labor intensive and half way through I regretted our decision to DIY. 

We eventually decided to have Justin's parents' landscaping crew come out to assess our situation and guide us from there. The problem is that the yard is pretty shady all day because of the huge trees growing there. For these conditions, they suggested Palmetto St. Augustine grass.

It's only been a couple days and the sod is still transplanting so we're babying it and praying that it thrives! It's going to make a world of difference for the kids when they play outside. 

We're still debating what to do with the flower beds. Landscaping is not our strong point so I'm pinning everything I can to get some ideas.

28 May, 2018

Memorial Day Weekend Fun

I'm soooooo excited it's a 3 day weekend. I live for 3 day weekends. Especially ones that kick off the official beginning of POOL SEASON!!

We had a pretty low-key weekend full of popsicles, American flags, pool time and splash pads.

A little relaxing with some essential oils being diffused on my brand spankin' new Aria diffuser.

Hayes met (and immediately hugged) Elsa at his friend's birthday party at the park. She sang songs, taught dances and told her story... complete with the Frozen soundtrack. She was seriously talented! 

Poppy enjoyed the party too! We ended the party in the splash pad. It was Poppy's first time and she absolutely loved it. We definitely have another water baby on our hands.

On Sunday we attended a very festive service at church and afterwards got to help feed less fortunate kiddos by putting together Summer Hunger Bags full of pantry essentials and yummy snacks. 

We spent the rest of the day cooking out, swimming and drinking ice cold beer.

Today we hit up yet another splash pad. I think this is going to be a regular activity for us this Summer and I'm not mad about it. I never imagined having so much fun just watching my kids play, but I do.

Poppy had so much fun at the second splash pad but rarely cracked a smile. This girl is sooooo serious! Meanwhile Hayes is the happiest kid around. They're showing their extreme opposite personalities more and more everyday.

Now that May is wrapping up, what's on our agenda for the month of June?
Well, more splash pads and pools for sure. We're also planning the kids' shared birthday party, getting ready for our first beach vacation as a family of 4, having the exterior of house painted, giving our side yard a complete face lift, Justin starts teaching Summer school, I start working 4 day work weeks (down from 5), starting Camp Gladiator (actually we start TOMORROW) to get beach bod ready, and whatever else pops up!

I'll be sure to share along the way!

27 May, 2018

Essential Oils & Our Family

You might be curious about essential oils. You might be curious about Young Living and how I'm making extra income. You might not care are at all about any of it.

If the latter is true, you might want to stop reading now because I'm going to give you a quick rundown of how essential oils are changing our lives.

Hayes LOVES using oils. He gets excited that he has "his own" oils that he gets to use himself.
He rolls a Wellness Roller (Lavender + Frankincense + Gentle Baby) on his feet before bed and gets to spray his bed, pillows, and stuffed animals with Sleepy Juice Spray (Gentle Baby + Lavender).

My journey with oils really began last Winter when Texas was hit HARD by the flu. It ran rampant throughout school districts and even shut entire schools down! Being that Justin is a teacher and Hayes is in preschool, I was extremely worried about us all exposing poor little Poppy, who was too young to be given a flu shot.

That's when I heard about these magical essential oils and their ability to support our immune systems. I researched so that I could have the best oils money could buy. I wanted the best of the best. I mean, this is my family's health we're talking about and why would I not want to invest in them?

Amazon reviews of more affordable oils were the scariest. So I decided that it didn't matter the cost, I was going with the most reputable company to make sure my family and I were in safe hands. That led me to Young Living. The amount of support and encouragement I got when I joined with my starter kit was mind blowing. I couldn't believe how committed these women were to improving their lives & health and helping me to do the same!

Now oils are a huge part of our daily lives & we've cut out soooo many chemicals that we used to expose ourselves to. Some of the ways we incorporate essential oils everyday:

  • We diffuse a calming combo for Hayes every evening to wind down.
  • We roll a teething blend onto Poppy's jaw & cheeks at bedtime.
  • We all use an immune support roller daily.
  • When we clean, do dishes, and laundry.
  • When we brush our teeth and wash our hair & bodies.

If you're not already following along with my oil account on Instagram, you should check it out. I post tips, tricks, recipes and lots of deals and giveaways. And if this post has really sparked something in you, feel free to join my team and start your own wellness journey with essential oils.

Stem And Root Essential Oil Instagram Account

Don't get me wrong. It's been a gradual process and we're not completely chemical free yet or anything. I'm slowly but surely replacing our grocery store products (ie. body wash, toothpaste, cleaning products, diaper rash cream, baby wipes, etc.) with Young Living versions with every monthly order and incorporating oils into our daily routines. We're still just beginning, but it's a huge step in the right direction for my family's health and it feels really good.

Jordan Dunaway StemandRoot Young Living Essential Oils Distributor

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