About Jordan

I'm Jordan and I'm 27 years old. I married my husband, Justin, in 2011 and we're currently pregnant with our first baby.

I like being active and health is pretty important to me (although, thanks to pregnancy, ice cream has proven to be pretty important to me as well!).

I really enjoy decorating and I usually have some sort of project going on or up my sleeve. (Disclaimer: I don't claim to be good at it... I'm learning as I go!)

I have an obsession with snapping iPhone photos so this blog is the perfect outlet for me to share what I capture.

To sum it up, this is my attempt at sharing the exciting things that happen from day to day and with baby due in July, I can only predict life is about to get much more interesting!

Justin and I

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  1. Hi! Just wondering how you created your cute signature?


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