30 January, 2015

Bump Day - Week 16

Week 16 - Baby is the size of a DILL PICKLE
My faaaaavorite food in the whole wide world! Even pregnancy couldn't make me love pickles more, because I already love them as much as a person can. However, pregnancy is helping branch out to different brands and styles (other than my go-to: Best Maid Hamburger Slices... aaaaand I'm salivating at the thought). It's funny how day to day I look different amounts of pregnant. Last week? Very. Yesterday? Hardly at all. Today? Look at that gut!
Sorry for the blurry pictures. I was in a hurry to get this done.
These might be the last couple of weeks I can wear my pants unassisted. Meaning, without a belly band or a button extender of some sort. I'm completely okay with wearing leggings from now until July. I'm pretty sure the men in my life will be able to resist themselves.
Still no baby movement detected. Although, I thought I felt him the other morning and promptly woke Justin up out of a deep sleep to get a feel. I thiiink it might have just been gas, though. Oops.
I would like to thank everyone for reading my blog and feigning interest in our pregnancy. I do want to also apologize for the amount of pregnancy related content that is going to be spewed at you for the next 6 months, but one day I'm going to be glad I documented it all.

29 January, 2015

Throwback Thursday

In the spirit of the oh-so-popular "Throwback Thursday", and my growing obsession with this little boy I'm currently baking, I thought it was only fitting to share his brief history.

I guess it all started when my doctor said to wait 2 full menstrual cycles after the miscarriage to begin trying again. In hindsight, this seems like almost no time at all. But in the moment, it's like a punch to the gut. After already being pregnant and counting down the days until we met our little February baby, to add another 2 months and have to start completely over felt like an eternity.

We were absolutely, completely, 100% blessed that we were able to conceive the first month we were allowed to start trying again. It still blows my mind. I mean, I was hopeful, of course, but I never expected anything to actually happen that quickly! Apparently, you're super fertile right after a miscarriage, so it's nothing unheard of.

I was at work when I felt the same symptom I felt in my last pregnancy: a hot flash and hot flushed cheeks. Both times I stopped at Kroger on my way home and picked up a cheap pregnancy test. Both times = PREGNANT. Woohoo! I wanted to surprise Justin and tell him in a creative way, but when I opened that bathroom door, all I could do was scream, "I'M PREGNANT!!!" Fail. Haha. This goes to show how my level of patience is completely dependent on my level of excitement.

First test, done at home.

3rd test, done by the OB-GYN's office.

I had a normal ultrasound at almost 9 weeks to confirm the pregnancy was moving along. Baby's heart was beating a fast 179 bpm. Awesome!

He looked like a peanut! That's his head on the bottom, arm buds in the middle, and the body up at the top.

Then on Christmas Eve, I had a scare. Unexplained bleeding reminiscent of the beginning of my August miscarriage. I was devastated. With it being a holiday, I couldn't get in to see my doctor for another 2 days when the office opened again. I grieved and faced, what I thought to be truth. I was already mourning the loss of our little peanut.

But on December 26th, I was able to see my doctor, who quickly announced that my little 11 (almost 12) week baby was fine. She even said our baby was "huge" which made me laugh/cry hysterically.


Now he's supposed to be 4.5 inches long -- that's over double what he was the last time we saw him!! I can't wait for our 20 week anatomy scan so we can see him again. Again, excitement level is high... therefor patience level is LOW.

So that wraps up my first Throwback Thursday. I definitely missed Hump Day Bump Day yesterday... but since I'm technically considered 16 weeks for another 2 more days, I've still got time to snap a picture.

23 January, 2015

Bump Day - Weeks 10-15

Time to play catch up! On Sunday, I'll have been pregnant for 16 weeks. It feels like it's been 100 weeks, but that's probably just because I have no patience... And I miss beer.

But anyways, I've been documenting the growing baby and belly and have yet to share the photos. Let me warn you... you might be in for a laugh... Justin wanted in on these photos too. He was not about to be left out of this process! He wants to show off how his belly is shrinking as opposed to mine growing. He's currently training for a half marathon in February and cutting back on the beer, which helps.

10 Weeks - Baby is the size of KUMQUAT

The kumquat we found was a little smaller than a 10 week developing baby is predicted to be. He was approximately 1.25 inches long. I didn't have a visible belly to take a picture of, so I didn't even attempt it.

Week 11 - Baby is the size of a LIME

At 11 weeks along and baby only about 1.5 inches long, I still didn't have a measurable bump yet, even though I definitely noticed I was fluffier around the middle. The thing is, belly bloat isn't nearly as cute to take a picture of.

Week 12 - Baby is the size of a KIWI

...or a plum or an apricot. Depending on which pregnancy app gives you your info. I cut open the kiwi so you could see what it was, so just imagine it's just over 2 inches long. I finally felt like I might be growing, so I jumped at the chance to sport a tighter t-shirt in our weekly photo. This was ALSO the week we found out that we were having a boy and revealed that his name will be Hayes.

Week 13 - Baby is the size of a JALAPENO

I heard his heart beat this week! It was a beautiful 161 beats per minute. Hayes was about 3 inches long and the size of a jalapeno or a peach. Sad story: the only jalapenos I found were giant (Everything's bigger in Texas, I guess?) so I opted to buy some peaches. But what happens when a pregnant girl has delicious ripe peaches around? Yeah. I ate the baby. So I ended up buying another one but it was already time for the 14 week photo. Which leads me to...

Week 14 - Baby is the size of a BEET

Between 12 and 14 weeks, I definitely started seeing a much more bloated belly. Of course, it's always more pronounced in the evening (when this was taken). Hayes was already around 3.5 inches long and, apparently, moving around like crazy.

Week 15 - Baby is the size of an AVOCADO
Finally, we're in real time! This week baby Hayes is the size of an avocado, or about 4 inches long. It's crazy how much of his development is complete by now. I just wish I had an ultrasound machine so I could spy on him right this very second. Oh yeah, and check out that bump on mama (daddy still wins)!
And that brings us to today! Tonight we're getting wild and tagging items for our garage sale in the morning. The goal is to eliminate not only the junk that has piled up in the guest bedroom/ soon-to-be nursery, but most of the inventory from Charmed Vintage Rentals (waaaahhhh... R.I.P.). That means we need to unload literally dozens of mismatched chairs, vintage sofas, pretty salvaged doors, and SO MUCH MORE. Better get back to it. Wish us luck!

17 January, 2015

Surprise! Or not so much of a surprise!

This post is coming a couple weeks too late for it to be considered a real "surprise." I should have posted it the first weekend of the new year. But let's just pretend you aren't all friends with me on Facebook or following me on Instagram and haven't seen what we've been up to.

As pretty much everyone knows by now, Justin and I have been trying to start a family for quite a while now. It feels like it's been longer than it actually has, considering I know some couples try for years and years without any luck. We decided we wanted to start trying back in 2012, after our one year marriage anniversary... so it's really only been 2 full years since then. From what I've read, not super unusual. And let's not forget that we've had some tiny successes within those 2 years, so we know we're able to conceive. That's a wonderful thing!

I also want to mention that I've been so grateful for this unexpected alone time with Justin. These 3+ married years... alone without children... has been a ton of fun and time we could never get back had things gone any other way.

With that being said, we're happy to officially announce that we are PREGNANT again! Like, legitimately, 2nd trimester, it's a boy, PREGNANT! Like with the last pregnancy, we opted for the Panorama genetic testing to determine our risk for the same chromosomal abnormalities. We're SO lucky this time that everything came back normal. And bonus: we got to find out, with the help of our closest friends, that we're having a boy and he will be named Hayes Marshall (after his daddy!) Dunaway.



I'm not going to lie, after the confetti settled and I overcame the shock/surprise, I felt slightly heartbroken that the pinata bursted blue rather than pink. I always assumed I would have a little girl first, not sure why! All of my "Future Baby D-Way" Pinterest board pins are made for a girl and I never even CONSIDERED that I might have a little boy first. Regardless, those feelings are looong gone. A coworker mentioned to me that he totally sees me as a boy mom and I got really excited about that.

On that note, I'll just leave you with some photos from our gender reveal day. We opted to not have a party, but rather just have our families witness the moment we all found out the sex of our baby. With it being he first week of 2015, we went with a New Years theme to bring in the good news.

Oh and speaking of gender reveals, today is Jarrett and Ashley's big day! They're finally going to tell the world what they're having! Considering that their baby will be Hayes' closest cousin and EXACT age, I'm MORE than ready to know if it's going to be a boy or girl. I spend a lot of time imagining what he future might possibly look like for us, and knowing if we're getting a niece or nephew will paint a better picture. Either way, that kid is going to be the cutest little thing and his/her aunt and uncle will love him/her more than words.

I can't wait to share more news and updates throughout this next part of our lives!

Photos by Ashleykay Photography
Florals by R Love Floral 

03 January, 2015

Happy New Years!

It's a new year and that means a fresh start! 2014 was an amazing year. Justin and I experienced more ups and downs than ever before, but I wouldn't trade any of it because it has brought us to where we are today. Cliché? Maybe. But so true.

Rather than look back over last year and catch up on what I haven't blogged about, I'm going to declare this my fresh start and move forward. However, I won't declare that I'm going to update this blog more... because let's be real. It likely won't happen. But I'll certainly try!

I just wanted to pop in so you know I'm alive and say that I've got a New Years themed post coming that should make up for my lack of updates.

See ya soon!


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