13 September, 2015

Labor Day Weekend Wrap Up

I have a crying baby, laundry in the wash, a dog needing to be let out, errands to run, and a shower to be taken... so I have no choice but to keep this short and sweet.
Last weekend was a glorious 3 day weekend to celebrate Labor Day. We stayed pretty busy and brought little man along.
We watched a jazz band at Watters Creek...

... and cousin Grayson, Uncle J and Auntie Ashley joined us!
We finally went to the much anticipated Nebraska Furniture Mart. We ended up ordering a new sectional for our living room. It's suuuuper comfy.

Hayes doesn't remember it.

We got delicious drinks at a coffee shop on wheels. Best iced chai tea latte ever.

My aunts and granny drove in from East Texas to meet baby Hayes so we all went to lunch in downtown McKinney. Spoons was a perfect Labor Day lunch spot.

Hayes doesn't remember this either.

Then we headed to Justin's parents' house for some family swim time. The boys loved it. They were so good and didn't fuss at all! And the babies did good too ;) Badum ching!

We wrapped it up with some patriotic "homemade" cherry pie. Homemade, meaning I opened the can of cherry filling and unrolled the premade pie crust... at home.
And that's about it! It was a busy but fun weekend spent with family and we loved every minute of it.


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