29 January, 2016

Park Play Date Lunch




We moved to our little town 4 months ago and we finally ventured out to the park for a play date with Mia and Mia's mommy, Jenna. Even though it's January, it was a perfectly sunny and 60 degree day. 
We swung, we slid, and we ate blackberries.
I can tell these two are going to be great friends.

21 January, 2016

Here Comes Hayes: 6 Month Check Up


Today I got to take Hayes to his 6 month check up. I love that I'm able to attend these appointments. Here are some things that I learned: Hayes is 27" long (63rd percentile), 18lb 2.5oz (61st percentile), and his head is 17.5" (80th percentile).

I also learned that we've been feeding him about 8 ounces more of formula a day than Dr. Jim recommends and that Hayes has a pretty decent fear of strangers. I, of course, feel guilty about those things, but he's still a happy healthy 6 month old.

After he got his FIVE shots (poor baby!), we went home, he crashed, then woke up with energizer bunny energy. There is seriously no stopping this kid. He scoots, crawls, climbs, and pulls up. I wake up to him standing up in his crib waiting for someone to come get him. I know I've asked this before, but can somebody please tell me: where has time gone??

13 January, 2016

Baby's First Christmas

Christmas is my favorite holiday, by far. Christmas as a mom is even better! Having Santa visit us was so exciting. It really brought me back to when Santa used to visit me as a kid. It really was so rewarding, even if, at 5 months old, he had no idea what was going on. Next year Hayes will be 17 months during the holidays and I can only imagine how much fun we will have.

I had mentioned how my dad would film Christmas morning and narrate from behind the camera. I loved watching those videos all throughout my childhood. I also told him how sad it was that we wouldn't be able to capture Hayes's first visit from Santa on film. I had no idea he really listened to me until I walked into the Christmas tree room and saw the camera already filming us on a tripod in the corner! From then on, we had to be verrrry careful about what details we revealed about Santa. Especially when silly Santa left a receipt in Justin's stocking. Had Hayes been any older, we would have been busted.

Now that it's the new year (well, 13 days into the new year) I resolve to be a better blogger and take more and better photos. But.... don't hold me to it.
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