24 August, 2015

Saturday Night Live... Music!

After our first week back to work since little man was born, Justin and I decided we'd head out for a little Saturday night family outing. While we're pretty comfortable bringing our 5 week old out in public, we still needed to find something fairly easy for us to do since we're still new at this. I remembered one of our local outdoor shopping malls had restaurant patios that look out onto a lawn where they have a weekly concert series. Bingo.
Mama needed a sangria.

We picked a noisy pizzeria... perrrrfect for a crying baby. Yeah, we were those people I said I'd never be. But it really was so noisy, especially when the band started playing, that no one noticed our child wailing. Plus, the good thing about going out in the 'burbs is everyone had at least 1 baby/toddler/kid at their table. I felt like they knew the struggle.


Couldn't leave without a cannoli!

The sun started setting and it suddenly wasn't scorching hot anymore so we moved our party onto the lawn after dessert.

Hayes did so well! He practiced rolling over and kicked his legs to the music. By the way, the band was called Cover Down and they were great! They played classic party hits and top 40 that had Justin and I singing out loud.


Just jammin'.

This was the awesome view while we were leaving. The bright light in the middle is the stage. And the green tube to the right of it is a slide! I can't wait to go down it for Hayes to be big enough to go down it! ;)
We had so much fun, we're going again in a couple weeks! :)



  1. How fun!! Where were you, Jordan?

    1. Watters Creek! They have concerts every Saturday night!


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