08 September, 2015

Here Comes Hayes: 6 and 7 Weeks

I'll keep it short and sweet this week. Here's my sweet baby Hayes at 6 weeks old.

And again at 7 weeks old. Oh gosh I just love him so much.
How cute are those jams? They have little foxes on them. I die. I also may or may not have picked up another pair yesterday in the next size up so that he can wear them longer.
One thing I've noticed Hayes is doing this week is grabbing at things and even putting things in his mouth. It's so fun watching him figure out how his little hands work. Can you believe in only 2 more weeks this little munchkin will be a full 2 months old?
Speaking of 2 month olds... our sweet chunk-a-munk nephew, Grayson "Baby G, G-Man, G Money" is 2 months old today! I swear I was just holding him in the hospital!
Whyyyyy is time flying so fast??? Please stop! Pretty please?

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