30 July, 2015

Here Comes Hayes: 2 Week Update

Another week has flown by with our little Hayes. He weighs a whopping 8 pounds and growing like a weed. He's been locking eyes with Justin and I, especially when I'm nursing him. Every once in a while he shoots us the sweetest little gummy smiles that make us melt. He goes through diapers like nobody's business, so that definitely keeps us on our toes. Hayes loves his playmat, but isn't a huge fan on the tummy time we do on it.

Yesterday he got his little heel pricked for blood at his 2 week check up. He was SUCH a champ and hardly cried at all... with the help of his paci.

Today, I had my 2 week follow up appointment with my obstetrician and little man joined me. It was our first outing alone together and I was SO nervous! I haven't been driving because of the C-section, and I had never driven with such precious cargo before. The good thing is that m OB-GYN office is literally right outside my neighborhood and I don't even have to take main roads to get there.
I'm still waiting on a clean bill of health from my doctor since I'm still battling an infection under the cesarean incision. I was hospitalized last Friday through Monday to get IV antibiotics since the infection was resisting the pill version I had been taking. Being away from my 8 day old baby was the hardest thing I had ever had to do and I was VERY emotional about it. Justin brought him to the hospital everyday to visit, but since the post partum floor was full, I was admitted to a different floor that suggested babies not stay the night. There were a lot of tears and tons of kisses as they said goodbye every evening. The important thing is, I'm home now with my boys and on the mend. 


After my doctor's appointment, Stephanie of Stephanie Rose Photography came over to snap some photos for us. She took our anniversary photos back in 2013, our nursery photos and maternity photos. She doesn't specialize in the "typical" newborn photography, like with funny hats and contrived poses, but rather "lifestyle" photography in your natural element. I'm very excited to see what she was able to capture. Hayes cooperated for the most part and gave her some cute little smiles.

After the photo shoot, there was a knock at the door and an ambulance parked out front. I think this would usually be alarming, but our good friend Ryan works as firefighter/paramedic at the station in our neighborhood and stops by occasionally. He even showed up in a fire truck during Justin's birthday party last year (see next picture for one excited 29 year old birthday boy). Today he stopped by to meet baby Hayes and get some daddy practice time in since he and his wife are expecting a baby girl. He was a natural.
Justin's Surprise Birthday Party 2014
How happy is this birthday boy? The neighborhood kids were jealous they didn't get to get on the truck too.
Let me just say how fast time is flying and I can't believe 2 of my 4 weeks of maternity leave have come and gone. (Half of it being spent in pain and unable to move and the other half in the hospital doesn't help matters.) I'm definitely going to cherish the next 2 weeks and make the absolute most of my uninterrupted time with Hayes. I'll keep you posted on what shenanigans we get into. :)

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