13 December, 2017

A Very Waco Weekend: Jordan Turns 30

In anticipation of my upcoming 30th birthday, some of my best girls, our husbands and I packed our bags and headed south to Waco, Texas for a grown up getaway. I was able to find an amazing house on Airbnb to stay in, that happened to be featured on an episode of Fixer Upper. (It's an HGTV show, have you heard of it? HA!) 

This house was originally called The Peach House, but turned into the Two Island Bachelor Pad. We watched the recorded episode while staying at the house and even turned it into the most hilarious drinking game! 

Ex: drink every time shiplap is mentioned, drink when Chip embarrasses Joanna, drink when Chip talks about how much he loves demo day, drink when you see a farm animal, etc.

Can you believe these birthday cookies? GORGEOUS! 

The rest of the weekend consisted of exploring the Silos, shopping at Spice Village, meeting up with some Instagram friends, attending and dancing the night away at a wedding, drinking too much, and laughing too hard. 

Basically, it was an incredible weekend that I'm so grateful for. Take a peek:

We should buy stock in Ray-Ban.

On another note, I want to mention my dear friend Paige's t-shirt. #dogoodforjack is a movement she has started to honor the memory of her and her husband Kyle's sweet son, Jack Evans McKinley, who left us for Heaven at 8 weeks old. It's a reminder that even through all of the hate in this world, we should strive to be kind and do good. They are working on getting a link to purchase these shirts directly, so if you're interested, stay tuned. 

You can read more about Paige, Kyle and Jack here.

I got to meet up with my sweet/talented Instagram friends, Jessie from Miss J's Bake Shop, and Courtney from Courtney Leigh Photography.

Flower power!

The girls surprised me with matching jammies! They know how much of a sucker I am for matching!

I'm so thankful for such a great group of friends

12 December, 2017

Hayes' Christmas Wish List

My 2 year old is the person I'm most excited to buy Christmas presents presents for.

He's such a happy boy and always so excited about life. He has the biggest heart and I know that anything he gets will make his day. He also has the biggest imagination. I mean, this is a kid that can play for HOURS with a flashlight or a rock.

For Hayes, our goal is to keep it simple. We are not fans of the toy clutter or giving him too many choices. I also like to invest in high quality wooden toys, usually of the Montessori learning style. My hope is that we can keep his imagination active with these types of toys and eliminate over-stimulation. Ideally, we will gift him something to read, something simple to play with, and something to wear.

This is a big year though because he will be transitioning out of his crib/toddler bed and Santa might bring him a big boy bed. This is a larger purchase than we would typically make for Christmas, but considering we had to buy a new bed anyway, Christmas seemed as good a time as any to do it.

We also have some gift cards and store credits saved up for places like Amazon, Target and Hayneedle.com that we will utilize for stocking stuffers.

What do you have planned for your little one's Christmas list? Do you like to gift as much as possible or keep it simple?

21 November, 2017

Poppy's Christmas Wish List

As promised, here is my dream Christmas list for Poppy. It's hard shopping for a 6 month old baby girl who can't tell you what she wants or needs, so maybe this will give you some ideas if you're in the same boat.

I've already purchased some of it, like the play mat, which we love. We love our Dockatot, but need to upgrade to the next size up if we want to keep using it. The Baby Bling headbands are some of my favorites because they're so soft and stretchy. She's teething and super drooly these days, hence the teething mit and drool bib. And yes, she's still too young for the doll house, but how could I not? It's amazing and she'll spend the next year growing into it!

As a reminder, the links provided are affiliate links, meaning if you purchase through them, I may receive some sort of small compensation. However, I promise to never post anything I wouldn't truly want to own myself.

Next up, I'll share Hayes' 2 year old wish list.

My Christmas Wish List

Can you believe there are only __ days until Christmas Eve?! Maybe I'm in such disbelief because I had a baby this year and I feel like time just FLEW. I mean, I feel like it was JUST July 7th and I was just walking into the hospital to deliver my Poppy girl. If the holiday season snuck up on you too and you need gift ideas ASAP, I've got you covered. I'm sharing my personal wish list and later, my gift ideas for the rest of my family, with you.

These are affiliate links, so if you buy something I may receive a small commission, but I promise I would not link anything that I wouldn't personally own myself.

To my surprise, it was hard to come up with things I wanted that were not for the kids or the house. I like to use gift giving holidays as an opportunity to finish decorating a space I'd been working on.

Now that you know what's on my radar, let me know what's on your wish list!

Next, I'll let you know what I've got my eyes on for little Miss Poppy, who will be almost 6 months old at Christmas.

06 November, 2017

Poppy Monroe: Nursery Tour

I'm pretty sure it goes without saying that the hardest thing about being a working mom of 2 is finding time for myself. Whether it be working out, getting my roots touched up, or blogging, it's incredibly hard to balance the kiddos needs and my own. Between the constant breastfeeding/pumping, diaper changes, cuddles, potty training, meal time battles, playing and bedtime routines, I sometimes feel like I'm stretched so thin.

 Luckily I have the most supportive husband ever who backs me up literally anytime we need him. (Also, have I mentioned before that HE cooks? I hit the jackpot, trust me, I know.)

Okay, so why the tangent on how busy and chaotic life is? Well, basically it's my excuse for how the blog has taken a backseat. But I'm back and ready to commit to a more regular blogging schedule.  

Without further ado, I give you a much overdue tour of Poppy's nursery. I describe it as bohemian meets botanical meets whimsical. 

For those wondering, the crib, the shelves, the stacked ottomans, and the dresser are all IKEA. The dresser is the same one that we have in Hayes' room too, although we didn't paint or stain this time. We added a matte polyeurethane sealer to the top to make it wipeable.

The rocker was from Hayes' nursery and I still love it. It's the Nursery Works Sleepytime Rocker and you can find it in all sorts of colors her

I picked up faux greenery and plants everywhere I went. Michael's, Joann (where I also got the macrame hanging basket), and even IKEA all have them. I made the garland that drapes on Poppy's name sign. Justin made the sign and B is for Bess did the custom calligraphy for me. She's super talented!

The baskets on the wall are thrifted and the AMAZING macrame on the wall behind the crib is from Maria Angela Forioso on Etsy.

The rug is sooo good. No shedding whatsoever. It's from Rugs USA., where I get most of our rugs. 

Her precious Rifle Paper Co. bedding is from Lullabies & Lollipops and we even have a matching Boppy cover.

And of COURSE, the beautiful photography is by none other than the wondeful Stephanie Rose Photography.

Comment me if you need sources to anything else in her nursery. I'm glad to share!

19 October, 2017

Throwback Thursday: Where the Wild Things Are Halloween Costumes


I am so excited for Halloween this year! It’s always been a favorite “holiday” of mine because I love coming up with costumes and seeing what everyone else dresses up as. I love that the costume photos are already appearing on Instagram! 
 For Hayes' 1st birthday last year, we had a Where the Wild Things Are party and I loved the theme so much, I dressed Hayes up as the main character, Max, for Halloween.

Hayes' "Where the Wild Things Are" themed smash cake session.

Justin and I wore faux fur trapper hats with felt horns glue onto them to portray the "Wild Things". I'm not endorsed in any way by Amazon, but you can find hats similar to ours here, here and here. Unfortunately the hats I originally purchased are no longer available.
I can't part with Hayes' past Halloween costumes because I'm just that sentimental, but I hate that they won't be worn again. So this year I plan to keep our costumes very simple and use mostly clothing that can be re-worn.

I'm loving the animal ear bonnet trend and I think it could be really cute paired with a simple
romper or even solid color sweatpants and hoodie depending on the weather. This might be the route we go this year. I recently ordered bonnets from Ivyandwild on Etsy. As for me and Justin, I plan to coordinate us with the kids but shop from our own closets to save money.

I can’t wait to see what costumes everyone comes up with this year!

26 September, 2017

Poppy Monroe: Newborn Photo Session

Disclaimer: This post was written a month ago and never posted! I am the worst!

Now that Poppy is almost 2 months old, I'm actually getting around to posting her newborn photos. I thought maternity leave would give me so much free time, but I still feel like there are never enough hours in the day. I'm sure it has to do with all of the laying around we do together (plus nursing + pumping + taking care of a toddler).

Back to the photo session... we can try to pretend that she was the star of the show, but let's face it, big brother Hayes made sure all eyes were on him.

Let's just say he didn't make the photo shoot easy. Between the squirming, running, whining, and refusal to put down his dinosaurs, poor Stephanie had her work cut out for her. Luckily, she's amazing!

I'll just leave you with my favorites from the session.

Poppy Monroe Dunaway   |   7/7/17   |   10:36AM   |   7lbs 4oz

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