05 July, 2017

Happy 4th of July!

I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing Fourth of July! Being 3 days away from delivering my second babe, we decided to keep everything very low key this year and it was perfect.
We walked to the end of our street to catch the beginning of our town's 4th of July parade. Last year's was rained out and it was looking like it would happen again this year. Then suddenly a couple of hours before the parade began, the rain stopped, the clouds parted, and a beautiful clear sky shined on us.

I don't think Hayes knew what was going on, but once he saw the motorcycle cops and fire truck lead the way, he was hooked!

His favorite part? The goodies they handed out! (He tried to wear the lei to bed last night.)
After the parade, we went home and made protein packed fruit smoothies as a mid morning snack. This is Justin's thing. He makes a Plexus protein drink evvvvvery morning for breakfast. I hear that blender around 6:30am every. single. day.
So, being a holiday, we had to dress his concoction up to be equally patriotic.
My mom came over and we got our nails done, grabbed some groceries, and came home to swim and grill. Hayes loved having his Gigi all day.
The bump is large and in charge these days.

Hayes is doing much better with his "swimming" these days. We took a week of swim lessons a few weeks ago and he learned a ton. He uses his "kickers", swims to the edge on his own, and is comfortable putting his face underwater. Although he still won't blow bubbles. He gives that a firm "No."
Rewind back to last weekend, we did an early celebration with my in-laws and were able to get the cousins together to play. We swam, stuffed our faces with delicious food, and Hayes got some quality time with his favorite person, Grayson.

Lots of Play-Doh and watermelon was involved.
It was so nice to have a couple last relaxing days with family (as a family of 3) before the craziness begins this weekend.
If I don't post again before my surgery on Friday, keep us in your thoughts and prayers! I'm pretty nervous and I could use all of the good vibes possible!

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