19 June, 2017

Surf's Up: Hayes is Turning 2!

Happy birthday to my baby boy and the last one you'll ever have as an only child!

Hayes is actually one month shy of turning 2 years old, but since we will be in the hospital on his actual birthday and the next few weekends are filled with other events, we celebrated yesterday. I wanted him to have a day that was all about him and things he loves: swimming, friends and CAKE!

I quickly realized that it's near impossible to host your child's party AND take pictures AND be an attentive parent. So I relied a lot on other people's cameras and their help watching Hayes. He has been known to run towards the pool and jump in without warning, so the extra eyes definitely helped keep him safe.

I went with a simple, dollar store version of a beach party since we were at a water park. 

I made super easy beach cupcakes with "sand" on top. It was just graham crackers, sugar, and black sprinkles atop regular store bought icing. They were a hit.

These pictures of Hayes stuffing his face are some of my favorites. 2 days later and he's still asking for "more cake".

Next we opened presents! He got everything he could ever want, from water toys...


and his very first scooter (and helmet!).

Kid was in Heaven, let me tell ya!

Little man loves his Gigi!

However, soon the party ended and it was time to go. He was hours past nap time and fueled on sugar, so it wasn't easy getting him to leave the water. Luckily my paparazzi husband was there to capture this gem of a moment. 

We threw our schedule out the window that day and let Hayes keep napping, (as expected, he passed out on the car ride home) leading us to keep him up 2 hours past his normal bedtime.

I'd say he had a GREAT day! Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate our little man's *early* 2nd birthday!

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