12 July, 2017

Bringing Home Poppy: The Day Before

Last Thursday, Justin, Hayes and I ventured out for a special outing to commemorate our last day as a family of three. The next morning we would be heading to the hospital for my repeat c-section to meet sweet sister girl! We made sure to cherish this time with Hayes and get him all of his favorites: chicken, french fries, and ice cream (to be fair, he probably prefers cake over ice cream,,, but it's July and mama is 9 months preggo).

We settled on a neat little scratch kitchen housed in a converted 1917 Victorian home. The food was amazing and the atmosphere was even better. Two things that make my heart so so happy.

The bathroom was so gorgeous that I had to take a selfie. Well, and to document my last moments of baby belly-ness, Oh and yes, that is a beautiful brass paper towel dispenser to match the vintage style brass fixtures and I was pretty much in love.

Our last stop was for frozen custard. We sat and chatted with another pregnant family and got a lot of insight and advice on becoming a family of 4. It was starting to get real.

It was an emotional night (week? month?), as I came to terms with the fact that Hayes wouldn't be my only baby anymore and that our lives would be changing so drastically after 2 years together. 

I know that our "normal" will just adapt and change with the introduction of our newest family member, but it's still hard to imagine. Change always makes me a little weepy.

At the end of the day, I was so happy to spend some last minute one on on time with my boys but I really couldn't wait to bring my little girl into the world! So much that I couldn't sleep a wink that night. In fact, I even edited these photos and started this post at around 3am because I was sooooo nervous/anxious/excited. 

Something about going in for a planned c-section is so incredibly nerve wracking.

More about that and her birth next time! 

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