13 January, 2016

Baby's First Christmas

Christmas is my favorite holiday, by far. Christmas as a mom is even better! Having Santa visit us was so exciting. It really brought me back to when Santa used to visit me as a kid. It really was so rewarding, even if, at 5 months old, he had no idea what was going on. Next year Hayes will be 17 months during the holidays and I can only imagine how much fun we will have.

I had mentioned how my dad would film Christmas morning and narrate from behind the camera. I loved watching those videos all throughout my childhood. I also told him how sad it was that we wouldn't be able to capture Hayes's first visit from Santa on film. I had no idea he really listened to me until I walked into the Christmas tree room and saw the camera already filming us on a tripod in the corner! From then on, we had to be verrrry careful about what details we revealed about Santa. Especially when silly Santa left a receipt in Justin's stocking. Had Hayes been any older, we would have been busted.

Now that it's the new year (well, 13 days into the new year) I resolve to be a better blogger and take more and better photos. But.... don't hold me to it.

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