08 June, 2015

Bump Day - 34 Weeks

Week 34 - Baby is the size of a SPAGHETTI SQUASH 

He's approximately 17-18 inches long and weighing somewhere around 5 pounds. He's moving like crazy and switching positions on me daily. Most days the "kicks" are a couple inches above my belly button or in my right ribs. It's not as cute as it was 6 weeks ago, but so much cooler since he now feels like a real baby squirming around in there.

Last week at my 34 week check up, I measured "a little small" and had not gained any weight since my 32 week appointment. Usually I would looove to hear this news, but not so much during pregnancy, and when little man should be packing on 1/2 pound a week. So yay for another ultrasound next week (I say this slightly with sarcasm because I wish everything was perfect and we didn't need one, but I'm also sort of thrilled to see him again). 

The doctor's guesses are that he was just in a weird position that caused me to measure a certain way, or that he could just be a small baby. I think he's a late bloomer like his daddy and he's going to have a huge growth spurt now. So those are what we're crossing our fingers and toes for!

After reading back over my blog entries, I realized I never blogged about our 20 week check up and ultrasound. So later this week I'll make sure I do that!

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