29 June, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up: Trinity Groves

Living out in the suburbs, and not to mention being 8.5 months pregnant, we don't get a chance to explore the city much anymore. However, this weekend, I made it my mission to finally check out Trinity Groves and the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge.

Why yes, it does look like I'm smuggling a bowling ball in my overalls.

It was worth the swollen feet and sciatica pain to visit this area. It's so neat! I seriously can't wait to go back.

We decided to eat at LUCK (Local Urban Craft Kitchen) and it didn't disappoint! We started with a beer flight that included donuts that compliment each craft beer. Of course, I didn't get to enjoy the beer, but that didn't stop me from trying the donuts!


I'm also in love with this cute little cake shop, Cake Bar. You've got to be quick, because certain flavors sell out fast!

With it being so hot out, I opted for a blueberry basil ice cream and a couple pieces of chocolate from Kate Weiser Chocolate. I've never seen so many gorgeous desserts. It was really hard to choose!

Trinity Groves is the home of Four Corners Brewing Company so we stopped in for a beer. Am I a good wife, or what? Haha.

You can't tell, but he hates when I make him stop and pose for a picture. He's such a good sport!

If you're not following Justin on Instagram, you probably wouldn't have realized he has a newly developing passion for craft beer. This new hobby of his brings us to a lot of breweries. Yes, even when I can't partake! Flashback to a couple weeks ago when we spent the afternoon at Tupps Brewery here in McKinney.

Clearly having a blast. This is my "8 months pregnant at a brewery" face.

Same hat. Different breweries.
Back to Trinity Groves... 
There's definitely something BIG in this photo... ME!

That about sums up our adventure at Trinity Groves. A big thank you to my in-laws for taking us and showing us around. I already cannot wait to go back!

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