11 April, 2015

Bump Day - Weeks 24-26

I'm losing confidence in my pregnancy app's ability to accurately compare the size of baby to produce. It seems like lately the fruit/veggie doesn't match up with the inches long they say baby is. Or maybe it's just our produce selection. Regardless of accuracy, I will forge on with my fruit and veggie pictures.


Week 24 - Baby is the size of an EGGPLANT

Great things about this week: 24 week doctors appointment, getting to hear Hayes' heart beat, still running, baby kicking harder

Not so great things about this week: Sciatica, sciatica, chiropractor bruising the crap out of my hiney, sciatica, sciatica.

Week 26 - Baby is the size of a CAULIFLOWER

Let me just say it is probably impossible to find a cauliflower larger than an eggplant. But whatever, haha. I'm still feeling kicks, but they've become more pronounced and sometimes REALLY strong. I love it, but sometimes at night or when I'm trying to concentrate at work, I wish he would give it a rest. But as soon as he stops, I wish he'd start moving again! Sciatica has plagued me since about 17 weeks along, but this week I received my Bao Bei Maternity Belly Sport Bra and it really seems to help while I'm running/working out. However, I'm still laying on a heating pad almost every night before bed since that's when it acts up the most.

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