06 February, 2015

Our Nursery Inspiration

Let's just take a second to appreciate how incredible it is to be living during a time when endless information is available at your fingertips. I mean, how did anyone do anything before Google... or Pinterest? I don't even know!

Now that I'm designing my very first nursery, I've developed a new obsession with mood boards. Considering we've been in our house for almost 5 years, and some of the rooms are still "works in progress," I figured I needed to change my approach. Ready or not, come July, this baby is moving in!

What I've come up with is a mix of outdoors, woodland creatures, camping, and adventure. Some of my FAVORITE colors are seafoam/mint green and really rustic mustard yellow so they're definitely being incorporated. I'm also using a blend of rustic and mid-century modern.

Here's where I landed:

Paint: Sherwin Williams [Butterscotch, Intellectual Grey, Nurture Green] | Wood Art: Pinterest | Be Brave Print: Society6 | Animal Print: Etsy | Pennant: Etsy | Rocker: Giggle | Trash Can: World Market | Rugs: Ikea | Quilt: Etsy | Crib Sheets: Etsy | Bear Bust: Etsy | Mobile: Etsy | Pendant Light: Urban Outfitters
The "Be Brave and Courageous" print was the original inspiration and the rest just took off from there. I've ordered the rocker (it should be here on Tuesday, eek!), and the pendant light (more on that later). Tonight we painted the ceiling and are hoping to finish the walls this weekend. I'll share before and afters soon... if I remember!

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  1. Where did you get the Woven wall piece that's hanging over the books?


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