21 February, 2015

Bump Day - Weeks 17-19

Week 17 - Baby is the size of an ONION
None of daddy's photos of mommy turned out clear enough to bother posting... so I'm skipping that week. Baby Hayes was about 5 inches long, or the length of an onion. I started to feel some "popping" sensations in my belly, almost like random bubbles, which made me start to suspect I was feeling his movements. I paid really close attention just to make sure.
Week 18 - Baby is the size of a SWEET POTATO
Baby was about 5.5 inches and still kicking. It was still pretty faint and Justin couldn't feel it from the outside. I get pretty frustrated because I want to share it with him so badly, but I guess it's just something me and my boy get to experience alone right now. My belly definitely grew during week 18, forcing me to purchase some belly bands and maternity dresses.

Week 19 - Baby is the size of a ZUCCHINI
Baby is 6 inches long now! Holy cow! This week I've felt really intense kicks (and punches? and headbuts?). I can put my hand on my belly and feel it from both inside and out, but Justin still cannot. Most experienced moms have described the feeling as "butterflies or flutters". That's lovely. But not what's going on here. I swear I have an octopus in there. He's all over the place and super strong! Sometimes I don't feel him all day, then he wakes up at night when I'm winding down and kicks up a storm. It is, by far, the coolest thing I've ever experienced.
Also, you can see we moved our weekly pictures into Hayes' room. (Yay!) Next I'll do a recap on the nursery progress. I'm really excited about this!
Disclaimer: The goal was to post "Bump Day" photos on Wednesdays (get it? Like "Hump Day"? Ha.) but I can almost guarantee that is never going to happen. 

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