27 August, 2014

Wine Not a Wine Night?

Saturday morning we had plans with another couple to tour a local brewery. Justin and I had been before a few years back, but we were psyched to go again and bring our newbie friends. I mean, what's better than cheap craft beer and a good time?

Being in the middle of a kitchen renovation, we have been at the mercy of our tile, granite, and paint guys. So when they said they needed to come back to do some work on Saturday morning, the brewery took the back seat. Yeah yeah, we're bad friends. But to make up for it, we decided to have them over for a laid back wine tasting night.

I bought 4 bottles of decently priced (hey, I'm not made of money here) wine that I had never tried before and several snacks and appetizers that coordinated with each.

Justin had some black butcher paper from his school that I used as a tablecloth. I used a white colored pencil to label each appetizer and which wine it paired with. This idea is all over Pinterest, so I can't really take any credit for it.

It was so much fun, and something I would definitely do again. We're thinking of trying it with different beer next time to switch it up.

Some of the snacks were still being prepped when I snapped these photos. Hence the sad dry crostinis on the top left.

Oh, and by the way! I've fixed the comments so now anyone can comment, not just those with an account.

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