21 August, 2014

Kitchen Chronicles: Before

Back in June when we found out we were going to have a baby, we immediately thought of all the preparations needed to be done before he/she got here.  We wanted to get everything done around the house that we had been putting off before we had a little one crawling around (and the disposable income to do it).

We've always known it isn't our "forever" home, but I figure if we're going to stay in this house a few more years and start our family in it, we might as well make it a house we love. Plus, updating the kitchen should help increase our resale value when it does come time to put it on the market.

Our "before" kitchen.

The kitchen is pretty much the center of the house since we have a very open floor plan. I've never been crazy about the oak color builder grade cabinets or the very traditional backsplash. And I've watched enough HGTV to know that our laminate countertops are a no-go for most potential buyers. So these updating these things will be our focus for now.

As we all now know, there's no baby coming just yet, but we're still well on our way to getting our new kitchen. We started demo-ing the backsplash, which turned out to be a LOT more difficult than expected. Since the tile was applied directly to the drywall, slow and steady is really the key. You can see my "lovely" work over on the left. Let's just say, patience is not a virtue I completely understand. The drywall now has holes all the way through to the insulation. Oops.

We eventually plan to upgrade our appliances to stainless steel.

We also plan to add a tile backsplash to the island.

Stay tuned for the next step: primed cabinets!

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