27 March, 2017

Babies, Baby Bumps, and Brews

What's better than being 24 weeks pregnant and visiting a brewery? Being 24 weeks pregnant and bringing your 20 month old to a brewery! Sarcasm aside, it really was a fun little family outing to Cobra Brewing Company.

You might have picked up already that my family likes beer. Brewing it, drinking it, taking tours... anything involving malt, yeast and hops, we're there. We decided to check this brewery out in particular because it's local and Justin and I are hosting a couples baby shower here for our friends in a couple weeks. I had scoped it out online, but I wanted to see it in person before the event.

Here's that 24 week belly last Saturday. I started wearing my old maternity dresses a couple weeks ago and I'm probably not turning back. It's probably dress city for me until July.

Hayes actually had a blast and this particular brewery is very kid friendly. There was a little basketball hoop, wide open spaces for him to run around, and dogs are welcome so he loved petting them all/feeding them goldfish crackers. He also made friends with a couple other babies and quite a few adults too. My little social butterfly.

Here's a good one of 3 generations of Dunaway men. Justin, Hayes, and Papa Dunaway.
Fun fact: This our 10th brewery to tour and our 3rd with Hayes is tow (4th if you count when he was in my belly).
I can't wait to host our friends here in a couple weeks. If this trip was any indicator, I know it's going to be a really good time.

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