24 December, 2016

Christmas Eve Surprises!

Happy Christmas Eve!! Our festivities have just barely begun, but there are still some exciting things to share!

We went to brunch with my mom this morning since we won't be seeing my family on Christmas day. We opened presents and had yummy brunchy food. Hayes was kind of a wild animal, but it was during his naptime so I can't blame him. My mom surprised me with a beautiful rose gold Apple watch, which was way beyond anything I ever expected or deserved.
That was my big surprise of the day!

Now scroll through the rest of the pictures for your surprise!

FYI: This dress is THE most comfortable thing I own.

And SURPRISE! Baby #2 is coming next July! Believe it or not, Baby #2 has the exact same due date that Hayes did. It wasn't planned, so I'm blown away at this coincidence.

If you're a close personal friend of ours, you probably already knew about this from our Christmas card. Surprisingly, I've heard that our announcement was pretty discreet and was easily missed upon receiving our card. Hence the need for a more formal announcement. ;)

Back to my comfy dress, complete with pockets... it's just one of the gazillion cute dresses from Pink Blush that I can wear all throughout my pregnancy and beyond. I know that when I was pregnant with Hayes, I had much more limited options for cute maternity clothes than I will with this little bundle.

If you're in need of stylish pregnancy clothes, you've got to check them out.  I maaaay or may not have another surprise coming soon... a giveaway for a Pink Blush gift card so you can get your own super comfy wardrobe of maternity/non-maternity outfits! Stay tuned!

Thanksgiving 2016

I've been pretty MIA this Fall, so I'm quickly going to bring you up to speed over the next couple of posts. 

Nothing super exciting to write about because I feel like I've spent the last 2 months getting over different sicknesses. That means a lot of couch time for mama. Also, it means a LOT of Netflix. Gilmore Girls to be exact. I watched the revival, fell back in love, then started the original series over from the beginning. Basically, I'll see you in another 2 months when I'm done binging and feel like going outside and joining the rest of the world. 

We did spend a really awesome Thanksgiving in East Texas with my family. One of my aunts just moved to an amazing resort/lake community and we got to explore on the golf cart until all the food was ready. The boys had a blast!

Hayes spent most of his first road trip sleeping, minus the leg stretch when we stopped for gas.

Then we stuffed our bellies (Hayes, only with bread), watched some football, and headed back home and still had time to visit with Justin's family for a little bit before bedtime. Overall, it was a perfect Thanksgiving.
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