24 April, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up

Speaking of wrap ups, I wore Hayes in my Solly wrap for probably one of they last times this week. He's just too strong, squirmy, and not to mention, HEAVY. I'll really miss wearing him. I only wish I had done it more when he was younger.

I know it's cliché, but I can't believe how fast time flies. I spent 9 months praying for time to speed up so I could just meet this little guy. Then the second he got here, it's like time sped up and it's been a fast, crazy, non-stop ride ever since. I mean, how is he 9 months (and 8 days... but who's counting?) old already?!

One place I should have worn Hayes this weekend was the Coppell Farmers Market. I brought along my Oh Jojo Co. basket and it was perfect for the goodies I picked up. As I type, I'm nibbling on my Wackym's Kitchen Salted Caramel cookies. They are an obsession.

We also went to a crawfish boil with friends where we got to partake in 90 pounds of delicious mudbugs. We got the babes together for a quick photo sesh, where Hayes was less than cooperative as always.

We had the crazy idea that Hayes might be ready to hold sweet 8 pound Cameron. I might have had a little too much confidence in our boy. Apparently cute girls must already have cooties because he wanted no part in it.

Today, we had a laid back Sunday, full of Disney Jr., bubbles, and grocery shopping and a Target trip. Now I'm off to wrap up this weekend with snuggles on the couch with my two boys. I hope you all enjoyed your weekends too!

03 April, 2016

My Life is a Zoo

We started this weekend off with a chilly (it was in the 40s) 5k through the Fort Worth Zoo at the 19th annual Zoo Run. It was hands down the hilliest course I've ever run. Besides when he was in my belly, it was Hayes' first 5k race.

This cold and teething little guy cried for the first half of the race. We were THOSE parents. Sorry!

Then, since we were in their neck of the woods, Justin's cousin and his family met up with us for a day at the zoo. Alexis and Hayes are exactly one year apart, so while they couldn't interact much this year, I know they'll be great friends/cousins for life.

The aviary was my favorite because we got to hold and feed birds. Justin, of course, loved the monkeys. He's definitely a lifelong fan of monkeys.

These two had fun looking for the otters!

Then it was time to say goodbye and make our journey back to Dallas. We stopped at a great little café called McKinley's for lunch, then headed home for nap time.

Overall, I was really impressed with the Fort Worth Zoo and how much Hayes enjoyed himself. Next time, we'll make a stop at Safari Splash, the new little water park inside the zoo.

Until then, I'll need recommendations on weekend activities for babies 1 and under in the DFW area. Feel free to comment or email me and we'll be sure to check it out!
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