28 March, 2016

Our Unconventional Easter Weekend

First, our little crew of rugrats got together at the local Easter Egg hunt on Saturday morning. The whistle blew, hundreds of kids ran, and Hayes FLIPPED out. Poor guy got scared and wanted no part of it. He finally dried his tears and got it together enough to take some group pictures. That boy cracks me up.

Speaking of cracking up, Justin and I tried to naturally dye Easter Eggs. You know, just to say we did. But it was a mega disaster so there are no "after" pictures. We'll probably stick to the prepackaged egg dye kits from now on.

Justin got to meet baby Cameron! I wasn't there, but telling from the picture, I think she likes him!

We then headed downtown to check into our hotel for our wedding date night. The hotel was amazing an our view was spectacular.

We clean up okay, right?

The beautiful couple! The groom happens to be my sister-in-law, Ashley's, brother. She's a master event planner so I had no doubt that this wedding would be top notch.

The beautifully lit venue as we were leaving.

On Sunday, we picked Hayes up from his Mimi and Poppy's house, where he spent the night, and we hung around the house. It should also be noted that his level of interest in his Easter basket was at a 0. Basically if he can't eat it or bang it on the floor to make a loud noise, he's not super interested.

Well, that was our unconventional Easter weekend. It was far from perfect or how I imagined Hayes' first Easter, but that's our life and we love it! And hey, there's always next year!

25 March, 2016

Happy GOOD Friday!

Mornings are quite possibly my favorite time of day. Weekend mornings are even better. Three day weekend mornings are by far the BEST

It's when we hang out in bed as a family before the hustle and bustle of the day begins. Usually Hayes climbs all over us while Mickey Mouse Clubhouse plays in the foreground. "Ohhh, Toooodles!" is now permanently ingrained in my brain. But I LOVE it.

Yesterday was my last day at my current job and on Monday I start a new one. I'm a bundle of excitement and nerves all at the same time. Leaving a comfortable job for the unknown is never fun at first. So wish me luck! 

In the meantime, I'm preparing for Hayes' first Easter egg hunt tomorrow proceeded by a Parents Night Out (a.k.a. a wedding followed by a hotel stay without baby). Hayes and I went shopping today with my mom and after doing some damage at the mall, I'm pooped. Time to kick back until we start again tomorrow!

03 March, 2016

Here comes Hayes: Weeks 20-32

This guy went from squirmy little baby to rambunctious little man in no time at all.

 He is crawling like a champ, climbing his "baby jail" fence, crawling up and down off the couch using his Anywhere Chair, eating three meals a day, refusing his bottle of formula more and more (wants what we eat), walking with his little baby walker, and getting up to crawl away when I try to take his weekly picture. Everyday he surprises us with his new ways of being mobile. At this point I feel like we should sign him up for a soccer league already. Kidding!

01 March, 2016

Always Be a Unicorn: Baby Cameron's Shower

One month ago, due to some complications, my friend Jeannette had her sweet baby girl, Cameron, at 33 weeks pregnant. A week later, we gathered the new parents' friends together for a Unicorn themed shower to celebrate her arrival.

These aren't the best quality pictures because it was dark and they were taken with none other than my trusty iPhone camera.

The new mama. 

The hostesses with the guests of honor.

Yes, those are gold glittered donuts. They were a hit!

The party was a blast and the new parents got some great baby gear. Now all that's left is for sweet Cammy Lou to come on home!

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