09 May, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up: Off to the Races!

This weekend was INSANE. We were so busy and we had so many fun things to do, but it's now Tuesday and I'm still not fully recovered!

Friday started off at Quincy's Chicken Shack on the Old Town Square, where you literally eat in a shack. It's covered, but there are no walls, so you're really outside on gravel. It sounds weird, but it's so awesome. You sit at long picnic tables, some with benches and others with hay bales covered in blankets. You eat off metal trays and the amazing food is served on, what looks like, your grandma's antique serveware. We went with two rotisserie chickens and two baskets of the fried chicken. It came with all we could eat sweet carrots, black eyed peas, potatoes, cornbread and a condiment appropriately named "Shack Crack".

The food was so good and if I wasn't already 7 months pregnant, I would have left looking 7 months pregnant.

The shack opens to a yard with a bar, outhouses, old fashioned lawn furniture and an old truck that doubles as a stage.

Hayes, being the dancing machine that he is, thoroughly enjoyed himself.

After dinner and dancing, we walked over to a concert being held in another area of the Square. We met up with J+A+ Grayson and some other friends. There, the dancing continued.

In true Hayes fashion, he didn't want to wear clothes or let go of his ball.

The Brothers Dunaway

30 weeks on the left, 35 weeks on the right

By the end of the night, we were all pooped, but we had a 5k race to support our local Education Foundation bright and early the next morning.

Not surprisingly, Justin placed 2nd in his age division. VERY surprisingly, I placed 3rd in mine. There really should be a pregnant runner division, if you ask me.

After the race we went home and rested our bodies and did nothing for the rest of the day met our friends at the horse races in honor of the Kentucky Derby! The guys betted on horses, while the mamas and babies jumped in bounce houses (Hayes cried and had to be removed pretty immediately), rode ponies ("beebee horsies"), and spent time with goats in a petting zoo.

"Sharing" snacks.

This is Emerson, Hayes' future wife. She may be 3 1/2 years older than him, but he loves her something fierce and she is so loving back to him. These two spent a good 20 minutes hugging and giggling until it turned into wrestling and body slamming.

Now, the pictures only take me through Saturday afternoon, but the fun didn't stop there. A Tex-Mex dinner followed, because it's always a good time for Tex-Mex. And on Sunday we shipped Hayes off to his Gigi's house to spend the night. Justin and I ran errands and spent the evening grilling out with friends.

Being 30 weeks pregnant, the whole weekend took a toll on my back (thank you, flaring sciatica) so I'm still in recovery mode. Still, I'm already feeling ready for the next weekend to be here!

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