24 April, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up: "Shiplap" in the Nursery + Uncle J's Birthday Dinner

After plenty of weeks of procrastination, I decided to get serious and start crossing some projects off my list. Why is it that pregnancy always seems like a good time to start crazy projects (like completely renovating our kitchen or having new floors installed... to name a couple)?!

I finally finished Poppy's calligraphy name sign that we collaborated with B is for Bess on. Justin built the wood sign/frame, I painted it, then Bess did the amazing gold calligraphy. This weekend I added a garland and some faux flowers. The hot glue gave me some problems, so I had to turn to my staple gun, which scared me half to death a couple times. 

I also decided what to do with the wall behind Poppy's crib. After much deliberation, we ruled out wallpaper because we'd have to have professionals come smooth out the wall to give us a good base for wallpaper, that we would then have to figure out how to apply. We would have gone with a removable wallpaper, but it still would have been a huge learning curve and more $$ than we were willing to spend. 

I received my wall stencil in the mail, and while I was confident that I could pull it off, Justin didn't feel the same. He predicted smudged paint, tears, and an overall disaster. I also couldn't decide on a paint color for the stenciling.

Justin suggested faux shiplap from the beginning because we have it in 2 other areas of the house and he's gotten pretty good & fast at putting it up. He joked that he better get to work on it before I had a chance to start stenciling. In the end, it's the route we chose to go.

Poor Hayes had to push ALL of the wood by himself. Just kidding, but this picture sure makes me look like a slavedriver, doesn't it??

Justin's dad, "Papa", came over to help speed up the process of measuring, cutting, & nailing the wood "planks" to the wall. They knocked it out in just a couple hours. In case you were wondering, they used 2 - 5mm Poplar Plywood in 4x8 sheets cut down into equal planks. The width would depend on your wall size. So far this project has only cost us $27.96.

Justin filled the nail holes with filler and sanded it down. Now it's ready for priming tonight after Hayes goes to bed.

Later we visited Heritage Pizza to celebrate my brother-in-law's birthday with our family. The sad part is, I don't have a single picture of the birthday boy!

One thing I didn't get to enjoy was the craft beer you can get there. They have these crazy big cans of beer called "Crowlers" that you can get filled & refilled with your favorite craft brew to take home. 

On top of the awesome flatbread pizzas & incredible desserts, the interior design and typography throughout the entire restaurant also blew my mind. I could just move into this restaurant! Can the designer please come do some work at my house?

Another great weekend if you ask me. I'll be sure to update later this week when I cross some other exciting projects off my list.


  1. Sounds like such a fun and productive weekend! I'm loving how the nursery is coming along!

  2. Hello, I just stumbled across your blog via Pinterest and wondered if you could share the source for your picture frames for the national park prints (from an older post). We're doing something similar and are having a hard time finding affordable frames. Thanks!

    1. Hobby Lobby while they are on sale! Or use coupons!


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