04 April, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up 4/3/17

We had a fun little weekend so I thought I'd share a little bit of it.  If you're not interested in pictures of my kid, then 1) this is not the post for you and really 2) this is not the blog for you. ;)

Saturday started bright and early with a run around the neighborhood. The weather was so perfect so it was easy to find the motivation.

We scheduled our morning to include Hayes' afternoon nap so he wouldn't be a possessed demon child when we went to the Texas Tech Spring Game and tailgate.

Luckily, he cooperated and he was [basically] a delight. Wild and full of energy, yes. But mostly pleasant!

Hayes and cousin Grayson in their matching Tech shirts that their Mimi got them. These guys are really starting to be little buddies.

The Carpet Tech tailgate was AWESOME. They served us brisket Frito pie and all the beer/soda/water we could handle. I will admit that I was super jealous of not being able to take full advantage of the free booze. Tailgating pregnant isn't something I had experienced yet, only having been pregnant in the Winter/Spring/Summer months.

Hayes was mesmerized when the band played and the team walked by. It was really loud and exciting, despite the less-than-amused look on his face. 

This denim vest seems to find it's way into most of my wardrobe these days.

These poor boys had to pose for LORD KNOWS how many pictures for me. Sorry, not sorry, guys. 

Next we headed to a local favorite BBQ joint for a surprise dinner for one of our friends. His fiance did a great job planning it and we had a blast.

Some of the guys there had known each other since 1st grade so they, of course, had to take a reunion photo (to please the wives and moms!).

Poor little Hayes was pooped and fell asleep as soon as we got in the car to head home. The birthday boy had given him a balloon that he held onto so tightly, even while sound asleep.

It was a great, exhausting day with friends and family. Sunday was our productive day. We cleaned, grocery shopped, and got house projects started, just like most Sundays.

Justin hung up a couple shelves in Poppy's room.

And we started revamping these nightstands. We're staining them a dark walnut color. This is one of those 6-months-pregnant-ideas that I seem to keep coming up with.
Also add:
  • stencil nursery wall
  • repaint the Master accent wall
  • get a new bed frame
  • plant new flowers in the backyard
  • pick out new area rugs for practically every room of the house
  • create storage seating in the playroom
and you've basically got my most recent Honey Do List of crazy pregnant lady ideas. And why do I feel the ever-so-strong need for them to be done before my due date? Is that just a pregnancy thing?
Don't worry, Justin isn't indulging me on most of them.
Stick around to see which ones actually get accomplished by July!


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