18 April, 2017

Easter Weekend Wrap Up

This past weekend was Easter. Yay! But before we got to bunnies and eggs and candy, I took some time to celebrate my dear friend, Amber's 30th birthday, with a super fun girl's day/night out. 

But there was a catch: she had no idea any of it was going to happen! She thought she was dropping her kids off at daycare and spending the day at Six Flags with her husband. Planned by her best friend and husband, a small group of us kidnapped her and told her the plan to have a child-free day out with her girlfriends. We were all moved to tears at her reaction to our surprise!

The birthday girl!
The day started with Amber's favorite: Starbucks. Then we headed over to a nail spa for manicures and pedicures.

After our nails dried, we stopped for Tex-Mex and sangria... and a virgin pina colada for mama!

Then it was off to the mall for some shopping! It's rare I get to shop with girlfriends (and without a cranky toddler or husband) so I thoroughly enjoyed this time. I think the birthday girl did too!

After shopping, we surprised Amber with a girls-only hotel stay. We checked in and got ready for the night's activities.

That's when the rest of her friends, including our husbands, met us at a local craft brewery and taproom. If you haven't sensed it yet, our friends have sort of an affinity for craft beer.

To go along with the girls-day-out theme, we accidentally forgot to get a picture with the guys.

The precious birthday girl and her balloons.

The rest of the night consisted of a late night snack run (think: chocolate donuts, Cheetos, Corn Nuts, and, I kid you not, Ramen Noodles.), some piano tunes at the hotel bar, and lots of girl talk.

The next morning I headed home to get ready for Hayes' big Easter Egg Hunt. The city puts one on every year and he had been practicing hunting for weeks! He was SO excited. He LOVES plastic eggs, or as he calls them, "eyes". 

We showed up early enough to let him play in the bounce houses they had set up. Then it was time to line up around the field of eggs and wait for the horn to sound. He was so excited to collect eggs that he could barely be held back.

The horn blew and we all ran. Maybe mama ran a little too fast because before I knew it, Hayes was reaching for his daddy (and Mimi, who was watching from the sidelines) and crying hysterically. 

Oops. Mom fail?

Safe at last, sobbing in Mimi's arms.

Once he got some popcorn, he was back to his old self and even passed out in the car on the way home.

Next was time to do our own hunt at Mimi & Papa's house with cousin Grayson! This year I stuffed eggs with Annie's cheddar bunnies, chocolate & graham cracker bunnies, and fruit snacks. Most were spilled on the lawn as they were being hunted, but I gave myself an A for effort.

Auntie & Uncle J brought confetti eggs, which were a huge hit!

We stuffed our faced with an Easter Eve meal and went home to recover from the weekend activities.

The next morning, we woke up to the Easter Bunny's bag of goodies. Hayes' loot was sugar free, but I managed to get my hands on some of my favorite Cadbury Eggs. 

We went to church, where Hayes participated in, yet another, Easter egg hunt! This time, we let him collect eggs on his own, then put them back on the ground for other kids to find. He was even sweet enough to hand them right over to other kids as he found them. Proud mama moment.

I'll leave you with a few more photos of our little family after church. 

I love how our Easter traditions have evolved now that we have kids. I always thought it was a fun and special holiday during my childhood, but I never knew how great it would be as a parent. It's hard to imagine this time next year having a baby girl to share it all with!


  1. Hi Jordan! I seriously love your blog! I am expecting baby #2 so love reading all your posts! Btw, where do you shop for your wardrobe/dresses? They are all SO cute!

    1. Aw thank you so much! I shop a lot from online boutiques, but mostly from affordable places like Target, Old Navy and Forever 21. I refused to buy any more maternity items for my last pregnancy so I just stuck with loose fitting non-maternity dresses. That way I can still wear them now that baby is here!

    2. That's awesome! That's what I've been trying to do too! Which boutiques are your fave? I especially love your short white dress with the black floral prints! Been looking for something cute like that! :)


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