09 April, 2017

"A Baby is Brewing" - Baby Sprinkle

This weekend I hosted a very casual "sprinkle" (as opposed to a full on "shower") at the brewery we recently toured for our friends' baby boy due in June. The sun was shining, the beer was flowing (for those of us that could partake), and fun was had by all.

I kept the décor simple and neutral with a canvas drop cloth tablecloth, a tray from home for cookies, and beer bottles full of eucalyptus. I framed the invitation and used scrap wood to make a "A Baby is Brewing" sign.
Now continue scrolling for a picture dump of some of the party people.
The guest of honor and her family, including her sweet baby girl.

I forgot to take a picture with the mama, but I managed to grab some not-at-all-creepy candid shots.


Thank you, Cobra Brewing Company, for allowing us to host a great get together!


  1. Jordan,
    Do you have any upclose pictures of your invite - specificially the wording.


  2. Can I ask what font you used for A Baby is Brewing?


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