26 March, 2017

A Tribute to Mr. Fox

I'm sad to say we lost a cherished part of our household today. Like, literally lost. Dropped it. Can't find it. So long. Sayonara.

"Mr. Fox", Hayes' monogramed lovey that was given to him by his Aunt Jessi, mysteriously disappeared today at the mall while we were shopping. It doesn't usually come on errands with us, but I was desperate for him to behave while we were out, so I let him take it as insurance.

Lesson learned.

Mr. Fox (and his pacifier... ugh) have been instrumental in our bedtime routine being so consistent and easy. He knows that when it's time to wind down, we let him go get his fox and paci. It always works and he soon calms down and goes to bed without a fuss. Now I'm not just heartbroken that he lost his dear friend, I'm a little nervous about bedtime tonight. It just won't be the same!

Here's to hoping for a smooth transition to sleeping without a lovey and the beginning of weaning off of the pacifier too!

"Mr. Fox" AKA "Fox" AKA "Ni-night", you will be missed.

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