22 February, 2017

Bump Day: Week 20

Well, it's 3:50am and I can't sleep, so here I am. I haven't been sleeping well for the last few days; I think there's just a lot running through my mind constantly. Nothing specific really, just everything that comes with being pregnant and having a 19 month old and a husband and a house and a job. (Coincidentally, these are all amazing things that I am soooo grateful to have, so they should not be making me lose sleep at night, right?!)

One thing that probably jolted me awake this morning, besides the extreme urge to pee because that's normal these days, is that I have my 20 week check up today. I actually had my anatomy scan last week where we got to check in on sweet baby girl. After seeing her, we were ready to announce that we've decided to name her Poppy Monroe. I've always loved the name Monroe, (I mean, who doesn't love Marilyn?) and we, of course, had to include something presidential like her big brother's name.

She was being VERY stubborn and wouldn't let us get an upright picture of her.

That's her face with her little hand resting under her chin.

The sonographer seemed pleased with everything she saw but she did mention a small cyst on her brain, called a Choroid Plexus Cyst. She said she usually sees them earlier in pregnancy and that they disappear on their own, I guess usually before the halfway point. She also reassured me that it was so small that she almost missed it and to not worry. Everything else looked good, so she said my doctor, Dr. Bailey, would be just probably check it again this week at my regular check up.

I got call on Monday saying that Dr. Bailey had reviewed my ultrasound and wanted to refer me to a perinatal specialist. So today I also get to meet with a new office today too and get an extra look at our little baby! From what I've read, a CPC is nothing to worry about unless there are other abnormalities, which the specialist will check for.

 I think the reason I can't sleep is that I'm so excited to see her again. There maybe a little bit of nervousness sprinkled in, but it's mainly excitement.

I also realized we've been terrible about photographing this growing baby bump, but I guess that's just one of the downsides to being the second baby. So here's what I was able to get in the last week.

Now I'm off to get something sweet and caffeinated (doctor's orders!) so that baby girl won't be so stubborn and "lazy" for the camera. If she's going to be my child, she better get used to it! #momarazzi

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