06 November, 2016

A Very "Wild" Halloween Week

This year I didn't put too much creative energy into Halloween costumes. I went with the same "Where the Wild Things Are" theme that we used for Hayes' first birthday a few months back. I just ordered his costume from Party City but I was pleasantly surprised at the quality. 

At the very last minute, I ordered cheeeeap fur hats (thank you, Amazon Prime) for Justin and I and I glued on felt ears that I made.Viola! Instant Max and his wild things.

We took Hayes to the same Halloween carnival that we went to last year. It goes without saying...he was MUCH more into it this year. I was really proud that he understood our instructions on how to trick-or-treat. He signed "thank you" to everyone who gave him candy!

He looks upset in all of these pictures because he was really hot in his costume and we kept making him take photos with his hood on. It was an unseasonably warm 80 degrees that evening. I know, #parentfail.

The Saturday before Halloween brought us a much needed adults only party with friends. I threw together some costumes, mostly with things Justin and I already had in our closets. I think this will be our new tradition. It should save us time, money, and from adding more clutter to our house.

I also threw together a flower crown (a la Snapchat) to wear to work on Monday. Here are me and the girlies from my office being our normal selves.

Aaaand finally we got to trick-or-treat! Hayes, again, did so good like he did at the carnival.

He always wants to keep up with the big kids.

That concludes our week of Halloween festivities. Now I'm ready for all that Fall brings!


  1. You're just so creative!! Looks like you guys had a great Halloween!

  2. Would you mind sharing the link to where you purchased those hats? Your costumes turned out so cute and I'd like to do something similar this year.

  3. I would like a link to the hats purchased too if you have it. I looked on Amazon and could not quite find anything similar to yours, which I really like.


  4. I too would love to know what the hat was called to purchase! Can't find it doing a normal search on Amazon Prime. This is SO great, affordable and easy.

  5. I also was looking for these great furry hoods- no luck but I did find this
    a viking hood.


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