30 August, 2016

Can it Be Summer Forever?

Take the 100+ degree temperatures out of the mix, and I would be happy if it were Summer year round. I mean, who wouldn't be?

 Hayes, for one, is a true Summer baby. He loves being naked and loves water. Justin's school has a back-to-school celebration every year, called Bronco Bash, where they have In-N-Out burgers catered, bounce houses, and a dunking booth. Last year, Hayes attended as a 1 month old snuggled up tight in my Solly wrap. This year he attended as a dunking booth volunteer. Nakedness + water = Hayes is IN.

I know he looks scared in this one shot, but he was really excited and liked getting in the water when he eventually got dunked!

He was dressed to impress...the pre-teen boys who were not-so-coincidentally dressed the exact same way.

My opinion: my baby is TOO young to be wearing full athletic attire just yet. Don't I have years before the rebellion starts and he ONLY wants to wear Nike Dri Fit?

This Sunday we attended our friends' church and afterward, we spent time with family. The cousins were showing us their sweet dance moves when I snapped this gem. Grayson's face = priceless.

After we (Justin and I) took naps at his parents house, we went on a stroll around the neighborhood with the Radio Flyer in tow.

I love this boy and his silly, adventurous spirit.

We have Meet the Teacher day this week and Hayes starts school next week so I feel like Summer is officially coming to a close.

I also heard a rumor that PSLs are available at certain Starbucks already??! Ready or not, Fall is coming!

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