14 August, 2016

Baby's First Book | Baby & Big Kid Books

Disclosure: I was sent a product from  Polka Dot Print Shop to review and to write this post. All opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

Let me start by saying that if you know me, you'll know I am slightly obsessed with all things nostalgic. This is probably not unlike a lot of my generation. I recently read that millennials are the most afflicted with "early-onset nostalgia" because of our accessibility to it via technology. (Hello, hours of Netflix binge watching The Wonder Years. True story.) 

I know mine started when I was a little kid watching VHS tapes of me as a baby and reading the baby book my mom journaled in about me. I even love reading Justin's baby book and watching his home videos. So I really hope that one day the lucky girl that marries my little boy will appreciate the baby books I'll leave him with too.

That brings me to the adorable Baby Book I bought when I was still pregnant from  Polka Dot Print Shop. I was able to choose the front cover color and pattern, as well as the inside pages colors.

The bold typeface and modern geometric patterns are what drew me to these baby books first. The second thing I liked was the option of purchasing expansion packs. I opted for the Gender Reveal and Baby Shower expansion packs, which really came in handy.

I love the little envelope for baby's first hair clippings. Although, we haven't had a use for that yet since I'm growing Hayes' hair out.

Now that we've completed survived Hayes' first year, it's time to start his Big Kid book! It's got all the same options I love about the Baby book, but it starts with his 12th month and continues until his 5th birthday. It's also perfect for the mama who might be getting a late start and wanting to start documenting baby's moments after month 12.

It comes with pages to list all of his favorite things from his favorite books and songs to his best friend and other things that make him happy. It has blank pages to write little anecdotes and attach "doodles and drawings," which I love. 

The sweetest parts are the sections dedicated to a special letter from mommy to child on each of his birthdays.

Lord only knows how many tears have been shed over the precious pages of his Baby Book as I jotted down my memories of his first year. I look forward to the special time I still have to reflect on and document the memories that will be made in the next five years.


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