30 August, 2016

Can it Be Summer Forever?

Take the 100+ degree temperatures out of the mix, and I would be happy if it were Summer year round. I mean, who wouldn't be?

 Hayes, for one, is a true Summer baby. He loves being naked and loves water. Justin's school has a back-to-school celebration every year, called Bronco Bash, where they have In-N-Out burgers catered, bounce houses, and a dunking booth. Last year, Hayes attended as a 1 month old snuggled up tight in my Solly wrap. This year he attended as a dunking booth volunteer. Nakedness + water = Hayes is IN.

I know he looks scared in this one shot, but he was really excited and liked getting in the water when he eventually got dunked!

He was dressed to impress...the pre-teen boys who were not-so-coincidentally dressed the exact same way.

My opinion: my baby is TOO young to be wearing full athletic attire just yet. Don't I have years before the rebellion starts and he ONLY wants to wear Nike Dri Fit?

This Sunday we attended our friends' church and afterward, we spent time with family. The cousins were showing us their sweet dance moves when I snapped this gem. Grayson's face = priceless.

After we (Justin and I) took naps at his parents house, we went on a stroll around the neighborhood with the Radio Flyer in tow.

I love this boy and his silly, adventurous spirit.

We have Meet the Teacher day this week and Hayes starts school next week so I feel like Summer is officially coming to a close.

I also heard a rumor that PSLs are available at certain Starbucks already??! Ready or not, Fall is coming!

14 August, 2016

Baby's First Book | Baby & Big Kid Books

Disclosure: I was sent a product from  Polka Dot Print Shop to review and to write this post. All opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

Let me start by saying that if you know me, you'll know I am slightly obsessed with all things nostalgic. This is probably not unlike a lot of my generation. I recently read that millennials are the most afflicted with "early-onset nostalgia" because of our accessibility to it via technology. (Hello, hours of Netflix binge watching The Wonder Years. True story.) 

I know mine started when I was a little kid watching VHS tapes of me as a baby and reading the baby book my mom journaled in about me. I even love reading Justin's baby book and watching his home videos. So I really hope that one day the lucky girl that marries my little boy will appreciate the baby books I'll leave him with too.

That brings me to the adorable Baby Book I bought when I was still pregnant from  Polka Dot Print Shop. I was able to choose the front cover color and pattern, as well as the inside pages colors.

The bold typeface and modern geometric patterns are what drew me to these baby books first. The second thing I liked was the option of purchasing expansion packs. I opted for the Gender Reveal and Baby Shower expansion packs, which really came in handy.

I love the little envelope for baby's first hair clippings. Although, we haven't had a use for that yet since I'm growing Hayes' hair out.

Now that we've completed survived Hayes' first year, it's time to start his Big Kid book! It's got all the same options I love about the Baby book, but it starts with his 12th month and continues until his 5th birthday. It's also perfect for the mama who might be getting a late start and wanting to start documenting baby's moments after month 12.

It comes with pages to list all of his favorite things from his favorite books and songs to his best friend and other things that make him happy. It has blank pages to write little anecdotes and attach "doodles and drawings," which I love. 

The sweetest parts are the sections dedicated to a special letter from mommy to child on each of his birthdays.

Lord only knows how many tears have been shed over the precious pages of his Baby Book as I jotted down my memories of his first year. I look forward to the special time I still have to reflect on and document the memories that will be made in the next five years.

07 August, 2016

About Last Week...

So we're still recovering from hosting Hayes' Wild One party and the house is pretty much in a state of limbo. There are decorations still hung in places, platters that need to be put up, and floors that could use a good cleaning. It's not that we've been lazy (well, maybe we've been a little lazy) it's that some pretty exciting things happened this week that all took precedence over boring ol' chores.

First, on Monday, our good friends welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world! We met Ella Jane and it was love at first sight, just like it was when we met her big brother almost 3 years ago. My friends makes some gorgeous babies.

I was probably having some cliché realization that "I can't remember Hayes being this small!".

Seriously, y'all. Gorgeous.
We went up to daddy's softball game, which we hardly ever do because it's ridiculously hot out. Hayes doesn't seem to mind and has fun anyway. Meanwhile, I'm sweating my shorts off.

Pretty sure these are pajamas. Oh well. Just be proud I put clothes on him.
Also, my brother and his wife were in town so we met up a couple times this week to hang out. We met up at Top Golf and had a blast, despite the heat. They're from Utah and not used to our weather, so bless their hearts! In hindsight, I probably should have picked an indoor activity for us. Sorry, Chris and Kim!

Then we took them downtown to the Bishop Arts District where we walked around, window shopped, listened to some live music, and ate at Tillman's Roadhouse. It's one of my favorite restaurants with such a cool vibe and even better food.

My sister-in-law makes me look like a giant, haha.

Bishop Arts District

"Hey guys, wait up! I've got little legs!"

Gigi with her two grandboys.
It's not really new this week, but I thought I'd share progress on the house. Before Hayes' party we made sure to finish up the entryway. It's light and bright and exactly what I wanted. We even changed out the light fixture for a vintage schoolhouse style light and I think it's simple and charming. Next on my list is to convince Justin that we need a new front door.

I'm loving the dried eucalyptus leftover from Hayes' party. I might need to make it a regular item on the shopping list.

Today was a seriously lazy day before we gear up for a busy Back to School season. We did a little school clothes shopping for all three of us and we did a little NO housework. I loved it.
Correction: I did have to vacuum today, thanks to these two fur balls.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Now, back to the Monday grind.

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