17 July, 2016

Happy Birthday, Hayes!

I'm still in shock that my first born is one year old. It's hard to believe that Justin and I have been proud parents of this wild and crazy kid for a whole year.

These "weekly" photos have gotten so difficult with all the squirming and fussing and flat out standing up and walking away. Luckily we're at the end of the road at week 52. Congrats buddy, you're off the hook!

As for his birthday party, well... it didn't happen.

Hayes came down with a really aggressive fever on Wednesday that just wouldn't let up. His pediatrician recommended that we take him to Children's Hospital where they diagnosed him with Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease (a really misleading name for the viral infection). The ER doctor said it would get much worse before it got better so we took all necessary precautions: stocked up on meds, postponed the party, and waited for the worst to come. We should have figured that our little tough guy would handle it like a champ, because by the next day he was already fever free and back to his old self. Oh well, better safe than sorry!

Yesterday, when we were supposed to be celebrating him with a Wild Things pool party at our house, we spent one on one time with our birthday boy doing things he loves to do. First: presents!

Justin and I fixed up a well-loved play kitchen we scored for $15. I love the contrast between the gray-green cabinets and the red-orange knobs. We filled it with Land of Nod crates of wooden food and tiny spatulas I found at Target. We gave it to Hayes for his birthday and he's been having a blast with it.

After breakfast and his morning nap, we headed off to really neat splash pad near us. He was so brave and ran right through all the water features without hesitation. He pretty much thinks he's a big kid now.

He made sure dad got in on some of the water action.

Next up (after yet another nap, of course), Frost bakery for some cupcakes with Mimi and Poppy!

Next, we walked over to a second splash pad and Hayes went wild again. Dinner was an easy decision: Chick-fil-a! This dude can put away a grilled nugget kids meal like it's nobody's business.

After all was said and done, I think he had a fun day after all. That's the wonderful thing about 1 year olds: they're really easy to please!

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