24 April, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up

Speaking of wrap ups, I wore Hayes in my Solly wrap for probably one of they last times this week. He's just too strong, squirmy, and not to mention, HEAVY. I'll really miss wearing him. I only wish I had done it more when he was younger.

I know it's cliché, but I can't believe how fast time flies. I spent 9 months praying for time to speed up so I could just meet this little guy. Then the second he got here, it's like time sped up and it's been a fast, crazy, non-stop ride ever since. I mean, how is he 9 months (and 8 days... but who's counting?) old already?!

One place I should have worn Hayes this weekend was the Coppell Farmers Market. I brought along my Oh Jojo Co. basket and it was perfect for the goodies I picked up. As I type, I'm nibbling on my Wackym's Kitchen Salted Caramel cookies. They are an obsession.

We also went to a crawfish boil with friends where we got to partake in 90 pounds of delicious mudbugs. We got the babes together for a quick photo sesh, where Hayes was less than cooperative as always.

We had the crazy idea that Hayes might be ready to hold sweet 8 pound Cameron. I might have had a little too much confidence in our boy. Apparently cute girls must already have cooties because he wanted no part in it.

Today, we had a laid back Sunday, full of Disney Jr., bubbles, and grocery shopping and a Target trip. Now I'm off to wrap up this weekend with snuggles on the couch with my two boys. I hope you all enjoyed your weekends too!

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  1. Where is that adorable grey outfit he has on from?


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