25 March, 2016

Happy GOOD Friday!

Mornings are quite possibly my favorite time of day. Weekend mornings are even better. Three day weekend mornings are by far the BEST

It's when we hang out in bed as a family before the hustle and bustle of the day begins. Usually Hayes climbs all over us while Mickey Mouse Clubhouse plays in the foreground. "Ohhh, Toooodles!" is now permanently ingrained in my brain. But I LOVE it.

Yesterday was my last day at my current job and on Monday I start a new one. I'm a bundle of excitement and nerves all at the same time. Leaving a comfortable job for the unknown is never fun at first. So wish me luck! 

In the meantime, I'm preparing for Hayes' first Easter egg hunt tomorrow proceeded by a Parents Night Out (a.k.a. a wedding followed by a hotel stay without baby). Hayes and I went shopping today with my mom and after doing some damage at the mall, I'm pooped. Time to kick back until we start again tomorrow!

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