22 February, 2016

Decorating Decisions to Make Your Husband Mad + Living Room Inspiration

When Justin and I moved into our first home together, I purchased a really cool painted/distressed buffet from a local furniture shop. It was the biggest home décor purchase I had ever made and I was so proud of it. It became our media stand because of the glass doors that allowed our remote controls to have access to the cable and DVD boxes.

However it didn't stay there long when we realized the giant wall it was on needed a larger media center to take up some unused space. It then found a home in our dining room for the next 4 years.

We moved into our "new" house in October 2015 and quickly realized we would need to get rid of certain furniture items because there was simply no place to put them. The newer large media center, sadly (because I loved it), was one thing that would not fit. So temporarily brought in the ol' buffet as our media cabinet once again, knowing it was not my style anymore and would be leaving soon.

Justin's rule is that we cannot buy a new item to replace an old one without selling the old item first. This is not only for space reasons, but also monetary reasons. With that being said, there is always a time in between where we are going without said item. Example: we sold our old living room couch set and didn't have a replacement couch for a good 6 weeks.

About a month ago, I found my dream TV stand/media cabinet at West Elm on major sale! I tried to buy it, but Justin reminded me of the rule. The good thing is that West Elm has sales ALL. THE. TIME. The problem is, the buffet sold last week and I have yet to see the W.E. media cabinet go on sale. Sooo the junk that the buffet used to hide, is now sitting. Staring at us. Reminding my husband of my impromptu decision.

So in the meantime, I want to share my inspiration board for our living room. Note my dream media cabinet. *swoon*

Art: Etsy | Mirror: similar from Dot & Bo | Rug: Rugs USA | Longhorn: Target | Buffet: West Elm | Chair: West Elm


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