11 November, 2015

Here Comes Hayes: Weeks 8-16

To pick up where I left off, trick-or-treating went fabulously. The weather turned out perfect, the kids were insanely cute, and anytime I can drink wine with friends and strangers hand over candy, I'm a happy girl. Next year, when the two little stinkers on the left are running around, it'll be a whole new ballgame.
Let me go ahead and put down my fun size Reese's and finally post some of Hayes' weekly pictures. There is a huge gap in updates mainly because we've been moving. Since we bought a new house before selling the old one, and we had to leave it staged for the open house and showings, most of our furnishings stayed behind. Hayes' nursery rug (the backdrop of his weekly photos) being one thing that stayed.
I finally buckled down and gathered together the photos I took before moving:


I didn't have the rug for weeks 11 through 14, and didn't have the time for weeks 14 and 15. So now we jump to baby Hayes at 16 weeks old.

We're still 5 days away from being 4 months old, but here's an update on all things Hayes.
Hayes came down with a mild case of Croup a week ago, so he took a trip to Dr. Jim (our new pedi after the move) and we found out he weighs 13 lbs 12 oz. He's long and pretty lean. Not too many rolls here, but he's definitely filling out!
He's in 3-6 month onesies, tops, and rompers. Pants still run really big on him in the waist so we size down and let them be short. I don't think he minds. Right now we wear a lot of Old Navy and GAP. I like that they have sales ALL the time.
Hayes still eats every 3 hours, but since I'm away at work for the 9am, 12pm, and 3pm meals, he gets 5-6 ounces of formula and/or whatever I've pumped the day before at work. I nurse at the 6pm, 9pm and 6am meals. I've been pretty bad about pumping at work when I get busy, and I'm noticing my milk supply lowering, but I'm okay with it. I won't stress about it because I'm proud I've made it this far breastfeeding at all.
We just made the jump to size 2. We've been bouncing between brands but I like Pampers and the Target brand best. Lately his diapers have been leaking during the night so we're using diaper liners that seem to be helping a little. They are literally like maxi pads that you stick in the diaper. Genius!
I've been told to try Pampers Baby Dry, so those are next after we finish this economy size of Huggies.
He has slept through the night since very early on (I think it was 3 weeks old?). It's been magical. He took the hardest part of having a newborn out of the equation. Now, at just shy of 4 months, he has started waking up once or twice during the night to eat or because he has leaked out of his diaper, and mama is not happy about it. Right now we're trying to feed him a little more at each meal, especially at 9pm, which might, ironically, be the cause of the leaking. Sheesh.
Also, it should be noted that we still swaddle him and use a white noise sound machine. I'm sure we'll still be doing this when he goes off to college.

Edit: Well, I definitely posted this entry rather than saving it as a draft. Hence, the reason it ended so ubruptly. But I need to wrap it up anyway so I'll just say that life is sweet with our almost 4 month old Hayes Marshall. Next, I'll update you on the house! Yay!

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