19 July, 2015

Dunaway Family: Party of Three!

Finally, on Thursday, July 16th at 9:50pm, baby Hayes Marshall Dunaway made his way into the world! The story of how is a little more complicated...

This little stinker tried his hardest to come out naturally, but even with our amazing hospital staff working around the clock (literally for 26 hours) to induce labor, he was not having it. My doctor didn't feel comfortable letting me get 1 week overdue since it increases the risk for complications, so we scheduled the very last date we could to be induced just in case I didn't go into labor naturally.

We arrived at the hospital on Wednesday and started a dose of Cervidil to soften/ripen my cervix to prepare it for the inevitable induction with Pitocin on Thursday. I was so excited when I woke up (as if I slept... Cervidil caused pretty intense cramps/weak contractions) on Thursday morning to find out that I wouldn't be getting Pitocin since I was already in labor! Woohoo!
SO happy that I was having a baby that day!
The excitement didn't last long, as the contractions slowed and weakened and it was determined a couple hours later that I would be starting Pitocin after all. As my induced contractions started to get pretty painful, my water broke, something I wasn't expecting to happen on its own. We noticed meconium (baby's first poop) in the amniotic fluid, so it was really important that we get Hayes out soon.
Updating everyone with our non-progressing labor.
Still optimistic and sooo excited that they let me have a popsicle!
Tons of painful contractions, disappointing cervix checks, an epidural, and 24 hours of labor later, my doctor informed me that I was still only 4 cm dilated and every contraction was causing the baby distress. His heart rate fell with each contraction. We couldn't wait for him any longer so she would need to take me back immediately for a cesarean section.

To say that I was panicked would be a complete understatement. I absolutely freaked out. Throughout my pregnancy, I SAID I would be open to whatever birth plan needed to be executed since there is so much that is unpredictable during labor/delivery. When it came down to it, this turned out to not be the case and apparently I'm allllll talk. I was hysterical (shaking, throwing up, crying, pleading) as they brought me back to the OR and only sort of calmed down once Justin was able to join me and after my doctor, the nurses and the anesthesiologist started making silly small talk with me... (my life, my work, Grey's anatomy, my love for Taylor Swift, etc.) even as she operated on me! They also played my T. Swift Pandora radio station and humored me about liking it, too. Masters of distraction, I tell ya.
Before I knew it, I heard his powerful little lungs let out a big cry and I was immediately overcome with tears of extreeeeme joy. Moments later I got to meet the precious boy that I had been carrying for the last 9 months. Apparently Hayes was in position to come out but that his face was trying to come out first, rather than the top of his head, which is flexible. Imagine that with each contraction, his face was pounding on my still closed cervix. Ouch! My poor little guy!
Proud daddy Justin with his son for the first time... after he accidentally peeked past the curtain.

I was told by my doctor that there was no way he was ever going to come out on his own because of the size of his head compared to my pelvic bones. He was trying to get through my cervix with his face rather than the top of his head. You can see his bruised little purple nose.

Baylor McKinney plays the lullaby song throughout the halls when a baby is born, so when they wheeled us back to our post-partum room, it felt like a slow motion scene from a movie.
Basically, to sum it all up, we had one heck of a day that led to us getting our beautiful baby boy and although I do wish we had just started with the C-section, I wouldn't change a thing. I guess that's payback for having such an easy and complication free pregnancy!
Now let me overshare pictures of my first born!

Uncle J and Auntie Ash meeting Hayes thee next morning.

Walking the halls for the first time since surgery. "Ouch" is all I have to say.


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